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A Teen Went to Great Lengths - 5.5 Miles, to Be Exact - For a Cute Promposal

Kids these days have crafted a wealth of unique promposals (aka prom proposals, for anyone who's not up to speed with the high school lingo), but one teen's viral method for asking a girl to the dance is making our fitness-loving hearts swoon.

Ohio resident and high school student Joran Fuller wanted to ask his cross country teammate Claire Short to prom, but he didn't settle for just flowers or a teddy bear. The 17-year-old perfectly planned out a 5.5-mile run with a route that spelled out "Prom?" After running up and down the streets of their downtown area, Joran used the GPS-enabled app Strava, which tracks your running routes, to share the final product with Claire, according to BuzzFeed.

Image Source: Twitter user claire_short_13

Image Source: Twitter user claire_short_13

When Claire shared the news of her adorable promposal on social media, it went totally viral, garnering more than 110,000 "likes" and 15,000 retweets, not to mention that tons of Twitter users responded to her tweet to share their thoughts on Joran's creativity.


Source: POPSUGAR Fitness