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This 15-Year-Old Is Redefining What It Means to Be a Ballerina and Inspiring Thousands

Lizzy Howell is single-handedly proving that size does not matter in the dance world, all you need is passion to excel at something you love. Two months ago, the 15-year-old ballerina posted a video of herself in ballet class, absolutely nailing her fouetté turns and it has everyone stunned. Not only did she have our jaws dropping with her skills, but she's radiating confidence and redefining all the stereotypes associated with ballet.

Recently, Lizzy's video has gone viral, and she couldn't be happier that she's changing the image of ballerinas, but she does not like to be referred to as "plus size." "If I can do everything that anyone else can, why should I be in a separate category?" she told BuzzFeed. "I'm very happy that someone has discovered me. It's a whole new thing for people where I live."

And it's "a whole new thing" for the dance industry, as well!

Since she was a little girl, Lizzy has been dancing as a way to relieve stress and to deal with a medical condition. She suffers from pseudotumor cerebri, a condition where there is excess pressure around the brain for no known reason. Lizzy's Instagram page has also helped raise awareness for the condition.


Lizzy is inspiring so many people around the world and proving that passion knows no size limits. Keep reading to see some of Lizzy's Instagram posts, and prepare to be blown away.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness