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The Fitness Marshall Will Make You Lose Control With This Heart-Pumping Cardio Hip Hop

We knew The Fitness Marshall wouldn't come through San Francisco without doing a dance routine in front of the Golden Gate Bridge; and that's exactly what he did. Join Caleb with his backup booties Bria and Haley with a little throwback hip hop from Missy Elliott - these moves will totally make you lose control and lose yourself in the sweat sesh.

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Puma's Self-Lacing Sneakers Are Giving Nike's a Run For Their Money

On the heels of Nike's announcement about its HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers, Puma has finally revealed its own self-lacing sneakers, the Autodiscs. The brand previewed the self-lacing sneakers in 2015 when Usain Bolt tried them on in a Twitter video, however, information about the shoes had been pretty scarce until now.

Engadget got an exclusive look at the kicks and answered everyone's main question: how exactly do they work? Well, the Autodiscs have neat, built-in motors hidden in the tongue of the sneakers. The motor is triggered with the push of a button that then loosens or tightens the hidden laces inside of the shoe.

What's more, the owner's preferred tightness can be saved on the shoe's corresponding smartphone app. To charge your Autodiscs, simply place them on their special charging mat.

While we're already sold, sadly, the Autodiscs aren't officially available. According to Engadget, only 50 pairs have been made and Puma has yet to announce when they will be open to the public . . . and for how much.

Watch the video demonstrating the futuristic sneakers above.

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Should You Work Out on Halloween? This Is What Jillian Michaels Says

Opioid Overdoses Up Nearly 200% Among Kids, Teens

Younger children 'eating them like candy,' while teens overdose while trying to get high, researcher says

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Pueblo, Colorado, May Push Back on Legal Pot

marijuana leaves

The marijuana industry says legalized recreational pot has been good for Colorado's economy, but in the town of Pueblo, some worry about how it affects teens and overall public health.

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1st Zika Microcephaly Baby Born in Puerto Rico

1st Zika Microcephaly Baby Born in Puerto Rico

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7 Post-Workout Moves to Get Fit Faster

woman drinking water

Want to optimize your recovery and propel your future workouts to the next level? Make these post-workout practices a regular part of your regimen.

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3 Recipes for Apple-Picking Season

Go from sweet to sensational with these apple recipes.

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Pet Cancer: Can You Spot the Signs?

peaceful old dog

Do you know the signs of cancer in your pets?

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Wanna Do a Handstand? 9 Moves to Get You There

If you've been playing around with how to do Headstands and Forearm Stands, Handstands are another fun inversion to try. If you have your heart set on getting upside down, here are nine moves to practice. They'll help you build strength and stability, so you'll be standing on your hands in no time!

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Why Handwriting Matters for Kids

five year old girl writing

Pencils, paper, and penmanship may be good for growing brains.

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Obamacare 2017: A Peek Behind the Numbers

Predictions on price hikes and enrollment figures

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Obamacare 2017: Higher Prices, Fewer Choices

Federal tax subsidies can ease the impact of premium increases, but consumers must shop wisely, analysts say

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Clean Home May Help Keep Kids' Asthma in Check

Controlling allergens, household pollutants can reduce need for medication, pediatricians' group says

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Nearly Two-Thirds of Smokers Also Use E-Cigs: CDC

Survey also found 40 percent of young people using the devices were never smokers

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Breast Reconstruction Worthwhile for Older Women

They had no greater risk of complications, benefited as much as younger breast cancer patients

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Make These 3 Changes, Burn More Calories

Exercise is essential when it comes to dropping pounds. So if you're eager to lose the weight, then here are three everyday changes that will help increase your calorie burn.

Hello Sunshine

Moving workouts to early mornings may mean cursing your alarm clock, but here's the big payoff: morning exercisers burn more calories. And now that the sun rises earlier, it'll be easier to pull yourself out of bed than it was in the Winter. Research shows that people who exercise in the a.m. work harder and for longer periods of time, which may be because they're more alert and energetic and they don't feel as rushed as afternoon or evening exercisers. Getting into a morning routine will also help you stick with it, which will help even more with your weight-loss journey.

Get Speedy

When it comes to cardio, running will help you lose more weight than walking since it burns more calories, but if you increase your speed just a little, then you'll burn even more. And don't stick to a consistent pace the entire workout. Adding sprinting intervals is an effective way to increase your calorie burn and has also been proven to reduce belly fat. Also be sure to swing those arms as you move, and you'll burn 15 percent more calories.

Strength Train in the Ladies' Room

Muscle burns more calories than fat does, so the more muscle mass you have, the better it is for weight loss. Don't just hit the weight room at the gym. Include strength-training moves throughout your day, such as push-ups on the bathroom counter and this two-minute butt and thigh workout while brushing your teeth. You can also work your body by carrying a basket instead of pushing a cart, using the stairs whenever possible, and sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair.

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The Lower-Body Exercise to Lift Your Butt and Tone Your Thighs

This move is tough, but let me tell you, it is so worth the sweat and struggle. A set of surrenders strengthens your legs, tones your butt, and works your core. It also keeps your heart rate up as you go from kneeling to standing over and over again. You guys! Changing levels takes a lot of effort.

Before attempting this move, find some padding for your knees. I like to fold my yoga mat in half to double the cushion.

  • Stand with your hands behind your head with your elbows wide, and bring your right knee gently to the ground.
  • Bring your left knee down so you are kneeling. Keep your chest up and squeeze your glutes to keep yourself stable.
  • Lift your right foot up and place it in front of you. Bring the left foot forward to stand up, pressing through your right heel.
  • This completes one rep. Start the next by bringing your left knee to the floor.
  • Do two to three sets of 12 reps each.

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Someone Finally Explains What That Extra Set of Shoelace Holes Is For

We all have them, and most of us just ignore them. I'm talking about that extra pair of holes on the top of our sneakers. Nope, they're not just for decoration! Try this shoelace tying trick called the "heel lock" to prevent the back of your foot from sliding up and down, which will prevent heel blisters. If you're a runner, this just may be the best thing you hear all day!

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If You Run, You Absolutely Must Follow the 10 Percent Rule

If you're new to running, but you'd like to sign up for a marathon one day, you'll need to start increasing your mileage. But if you go straight from running 10 miles to 20, you'll not only be tired and sore, but you risk injuring yourself, which prevents you from running altogether. This is where the 10 percent rule comes into play.

The 10 percent rule states: never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent of the previous week. To figure out your current rate of increase, make a note of how many miles you currently run in a week, and add 10 percent to that number; the following week, do the same. The chart below is geared toward a beginning runner who currently runs 10 miles a week but would like to eventually start a marathon-training plan. Keep in mind that the 10 percent rule isn't just for those wishing to race - it can benefit anyone looking to up their mileage!

Amount for 10% Increase Total Weekly Mileage
Week One Starting point 10 miles
Week Two 1 mile 11 miles
Week Three 1.1 miles 12.1 miles
Week Four 1.2 miles 13.3 miles
Week Five 1.3 miles 14.6 miles
Week Six 1.5 miles 16.1 miles
Week Seven 1.6 miles 17.7 miles
Week Eight 1.8 miles 19.5 miles

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Do This 5-Move Halloween-Themed Circuit For a Killer Workout

Ready for a little Halloween fitness fun? We've got a spooky-themed workout for you, full of spiders, black cats, mummies, dead bugs, and corpses. Don't freak out though . . . it's all just exercise!

You can do this quick and effective circuit in between trick-or-treater visits, or while watching a scary movie. It might even be a fun way to get yourself toned up for your costume.

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Torch Calories With This Low-Impact High-Intensity Workout

You can build muscle and burn calories without all that jumping around, which can be hard your joints, especially your ankles, knees, hips, and even your lower back. This low-impact high-intensity workout, created by Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor, cofounders of the LIT Method, builds muscles, burns calories, and minimizes the impact on your joints. Your legs and glutes will burn after this 30-minute sweat sesh. If you have a resistance band and resistance loop, grab them. These fitness props add increased resistance to some of the exercise to work your muscles more. But trust us, this workout is beneficial without them.

On Dani: Koral, Alala, and Athletic Propulsion Labs
On Taylor: Varley and Athletic Propulsion Labs

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Here's What It's Like to Travel the World As a Yoga Teacher

Every morning, Chloe Manlay wakes up at 6 a.m. In her role as retreat coordinator at Yemaya, a luxury lodge on a sliver of tropical paradise off the coast of Nicaragua, she looks after the guests who journey there to enjoy week-long yoga retreats. In between all the organizing, she often joins an afternoon yoga class held on a beachfront deck with views across the Caribbean. Shoes aren't a requirement in her profession. At the time of the interview, she was in the midst of a local island detox cleanse — another perk of the job.

Sound appealing? Chloe isn't the only one to think so. She's part of an increasing number of millennials who have chosen an office-free life as a yoga teacher, rejecting the daily grind for white sand beaches and a slower pace of life. Since she undertook her Jivamukti teacher training in 2015, Chloe's nomadic existence has followed the sun, hopping from one exotic location to the next to coincide with each country's tourist season. Before she arrived at the island, she'd been leading private retreats in Costa Rica, intensively teaching yoga to students one-on-one. The rest of the year remains uncertain: "I'm definitely here until October," she said. "I'll probably pop back to the UK for a couple months, then go to India in the New Year, or I might go back to the States and then come back to do another season here."

According to CNN Money, Chloe's choice of career scores straight As across the board when it comes to quality of life ratings. In 2015, the website ranked Pilates and yoga instructors as tenth on its list of the best jobs in America, writing that "for many yoga instructors, the ability to transform a person's day or how they live their life, both physically and mentally, is the best part of the job." They went on to estimate the median pay at $62,400, with top earners bringing home a six-figure salary.

Chloe isn't earning the big bucks, but she echoes this sense of deep satisfaction. The best thing about her job is "being an inspiration for other people to change their lives." She added, "It's not something I ever aspired to be and feel so silly saying it, but I get told that a lot and it touches me every time." When asked what's been hardest to relinquish from her old life — the financial security and comforting routine of a more traditional career route, perhaps — she was incredulous.

"Give up? I don't think I've given up anything! At least I guess I don't see it that way. Nothing in my life is restricted. I miss being anonymous — that's hard to do on a small island. But it's balanced by a beautiful small community that I think is hard to find in a city."

Eleven years ago, Chloe walked into her first yoga class. Lit by candles and "really intense," it made an impression that's still vivid. Interest transformed into a regular practice when she joined Lululemon and was paid to attend yoga classes as a brand representative alongside her work as a nutritionist. As yoga became a more integral part of her existence, she witnessed profound change both on and off the mat.

As a nutritionist, she found it hard to connect with people. "You can sit behind a desk and tell people what to eat, but I found that I lacked the tools to really connect. I thought I would do Pilates or yoga and then I ended up doing my yoga teacher training and that gave me the language I'd been looking for."

The pursuit of yoga eventually empowered Chloe to break free from an existence that was becoming suffocating. "Before I did the training, I was struggling to make sense of everything and find out what my place was and what I was here for," she said. "I was getting bogged down in the drudge of life. I wanted to remove myself from the world. I couldn't make sense of London life, why people worked so hard." A year later, she can only imagine settling in one place if she meets the right person and starts a family.

For Rusty Davis, another yogi whose career has taken him to Europe, Australia, and Bali, he practiced the nonphysical spiritual aspects of yoga long before he began teaching it. "I was working in the social field for 18 years, working with many children with various disabilities, mostly autistic children," he said. "Then I owned a taxi service in Colorado, USA, and did that for 10 years. Both jobs were pure yoga where I had to go into my patience and love to draw strength. I had to see the good in people and give the gift of service to others of safety and humanitarian needs."

But it wasn't until Rusty, also a BMX racer, crashed his bike at an event and hurt his knee that he discovered yoga in its physical form. In five days, Rusty claims it healed his knee — and from then on, he was hooked. "I hardly missed a class in eight years," he remembered. "I loved everything about it: the challenges, the rewards of getting more flexible and strong, the poses that I could learn. It just made me feel good in my body."

Since then, yoga has led Rusty around the world, from his first teacher training in Varanasi, India, to another in New York under the watchful eye of one of his gurus, the revered Dharma Mittra. But the pivotal moment in his profession came when he was recruited to teach at Radiantly Alive, a thriving yoga studio in Bali.

"I decided to stop being a scared boy who thought he was stupid, unworthy of success, and no one would listen," Rusty remembered. "I came into my strength, dropped my fears, and started to love being in front of people. This gave me confidence in myself and in my life."

His new career was not without its challenges. Rusty recalls standing in front of a class of 12 students, and not one of them spoke English. Through a combination of charades, demonstration, and Simon Says, he got through the class and said that the demanding circumstances became part of the fun of that day's class. "I have found a deep respect for the presence that is required to lead and show people themselves through their bodies," he said.

Like Chloe, Rusty loves the freedom that comes from his unconventional lifestyle. There are the opportunities to travel, the abundance of friends met along the way, and the privilege of teaching in studios around the world. But he admits there are lows that come with the lack of tether to one place. "The hardest [part] is traveling all the time, sleeping on couches, not having grounding," he said. "Over time I will get the balance needed to travel and stay in one area."

For Chloe, the geographical distance between her and her loved ones means she's absent from pivotal moments in their lives. "You miss things — weddings, birthdays, births, deaths," she said. "That kind of stuff can be tough because you want to be there for your people." But despite her frequent no-shows, she believes that yoga enables her to support her loved ones. As she explained, "it allows me to turn up for my friends and family as the best version of myself, even if it is from a million miles away."

It's little surprise to learn that Chloe and Rusty don't have concrete goals for the future. After all, relinquishing the urge to control and plan is part of the territory when it comes to being a yoga teacher. Instead, they are both remaining open to whatever the universe throws their way. "I'm just trying to enjoy the present for now," Chloe said. "It's taken a lot of manifesting and dreaming to get here so I'm going to enjoy it for now."

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Forget the Dumbbells! These Intense Workouts Use Just a Wall

Can't work out because you don't have a gym or equipment? That's no excuse, because these intense, effective moves use a wall. Burn calories and tone your muscles in ways you never imagined. Yes, one of these videos even shows how to do burpees using a wall! Find a wall, and give these a try.

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You Might Hate Cardio, but You'll Love These Quotes

Cardio is gut-wrenching, and most of us can't wait until it's over. If you can't stand cardio, you'll really love these quotes.

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5 Squat Variations For Your Best Butt

Give your workout some flame with these booty-burning moves. Watch this video to learn a handful of ways to mix up your squats, then put them into practice at your next workout. Chances are high you'll find a new favorite in these five moves.

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2-Minute, 3-Move Wall Workout to Instantly Sculpt Arms and Abs

Even if your goal isn't to be able to do a handstand, your upper body and core can benefit greatly from practicing two exercises yogis often do to strengthen their muscles in order to hold this advanced pose. Do this quick two-minute workout, and your muscles will be burning - we promise!

The Workout: Hold the L-stand for 10 seconds. Hop down, turn around, and kick up into a Handstand Against the Wall for 10 seconds, then rest your arms and wrists by doing Wall Child's Pose for 10 seconds. Repeat this 30-second circuit three more times for a total of four times (two minutes). If this is too hard, hold the first two exercises for only five seconds. If you find workout too easy, hold the first two poses for 15 to 20 seconds each.

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6 Ways to Tone Your DerriƩre With Dumbbells

Exercises that target your backside not only add shape and lift in your jeans and leggings, but they can also make you a stronger, faster runner. To work the glutes a little more, we suggest you grab a set of dumbbells. Look good and run faster with these effective tush-toning moves.

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We've Got Something Awesome For Every Runner on Your Gift List (Stocking Stuffers Included)

Perhaps you've got a lot of runners in your life . . . or there's just one special one . . . or perhaps you're a runner yourself and forwarding this to everyone you know in hopes of obtaining every item on this list (we're not judging, we're probably doing the same thing, honestly). Whatever it is, you've definitely come to the right place.

Because look, there's the new Nike Apple watch on here (and that kick ass new Garmin Forerunner . . . and the new Mizuno Wave Rider 20s), but there's also a ton of inexpensive stocking-stuffer-status gifts that runners will totally love (their muscles will love it, too), so there's truly something for every runner on your gifting list. Now does anyone want to get us that 13.1 necklace? Anybody? Bueller?

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Beth Behrs of 2 Broke Girls Dishes on Her Best Diet and Exercise Tips

Why These 4 Star Trainers Think You Should Be Taking More Gym Selfies

Love 'em or hate 'em, we shouldn't judge someone's gym selfie — it might just be helping that person reach their fitness goals. Several high-profile trainers all agree that progress photos, gym selfies, and quick snaps from your run are the ultimate way to stay on track, motivate yourself, feel energized, and measure progress.

When we sat down with Instagram sensation Kayla Itsines earlier this year, we asked her what she suggests to clients when they're feeling unmotivated. She told us that she encourages anyone hitting a slump to reflect on their progress photos to see how far they've come, and she also emphasized the importance of taking photos during each step of your fitness journey.

"My whole life is fitness, but of course I lose motivation too," she told POPSUGAR, but she looks to that visual community for inspiration — and you should, too! She suggested that anyone looking for extra accountability and motivational help should "join the [BBG] community and post progress photos" to keep themselves on track. Her encouragement sparked millions of women around the world to create specific "BBG accounts" on Instagram for just their gym and progress photos.

"It's OK to take a selfie. . . . You should be really proud of that. If it keeps you moving, great!"

Tone It Up founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott would agree and have noted that these pictures help individuals track progress. Not only do they encourage consistent check-ins on Instagram from their workouts (which can be found on popular hashtags like #TIUcheckin and #TIUteam), but they also encourage taking progress photos so you can gauge where you're at, saying, "Whether you want to lose weight, add muscle, tone up, or just become healthier, before [and after] pictures are the way to go!"

We also asked author of Shut Up and Run, Robin Arzon, about taking pictures on your run or while you're training. "People should be sharing their goals and successes," she told us. "It's OK to take a selfie on your route. . . . You should be really proud of that. If it keeps you moving, great!"

So there you have it — trainers from Australia to NYC saying to go ahead and snap that selfie. Your superfit, superaccomplished self will thank you later.

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Nearly 3% of U.S. Adults Have Weakened Immunity

Advances in treating HIV and autoimmune diseases are keeping more patients alive

Source: WebMD Health

Make Shots Less Painful for Your Baby

Tips to soothe your little one and ease your stress during vaccinations.

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More Than Willpower: How I Live Well With ADHD

women hugging holding water bottles

A WebMD reader shares how medication and a strong support system lead to her success.

Source: WebMD Health

Acne Gives Up Secret That Points to New Treatments

Bacteria on skin sometimes release fatty acids that trigger inflammation, researchers report

Source: WebMD Health

Keep Your Lows From Keeping You Down


Because bipolar depression can resemble other conditions, see your doctor or mental health professional to get a correct diagnosis.

Source: WebMD Health

Skin Patch May Help With Peanut Allergy

Delivering small amounts of peanut protein boosted tolerance for about half of young patients in study

Source: WebMD Health

Experimental Drug Might Help Drug-Resistant HIV

'This is potentially a lifesaving therapy,' researcher says

Source: WebMD Health

Inspire Your Fit Friend With These 30 Motivational Quote Gifts

When it comes to staying fit and active, sometimes finding motivation is half the battle! If you're looking for the ideal gift for your awesome fit friend, we've got some words for you - say all the right things with inspirational messaging on yoga mats, sporty tanks, and posters for their room, gym, or home office.

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Woman Gets $70M in Baby Powder/Ovarian Cancer Suit

Woman Gets $70M in Baby Powder/Ovarian Cancer Suit

Source: WebMD Health

Measles Complication: More Common Than Thought?

One more reason to get your child vaccinated against the disease, infection experts say

Source: WebMD Health

How You Can Meditate

Author Dan Harris and meditation expert Joseph Goldberg discuss how even the busiest, most distracted person can find a calmer state of mind.

Source: WebMD Health

Eating for Longevity

woman reaching in fridge

What makes some people live longer than others? Studies suggest that diet is one of the important contributors to longevity and a healthy life.

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More Americans Getting Health Care Under Obamacare

News comes as double-digit price hikes for health plans on the horizon

Source: WebMD Health

Stressful Job, Little Control: Shorter Life Spans?

Workers with more say in their jobs had better chance of living longer, study finds

Source: WebMD Health

More Adults Think E-Cigs as Harmful as Cigarettes

But researchers note they can help smokers quit even if they're not risk-free

Source: WebMD Health

Dental Cleanings May Help Keep Lungs Clean Too

Twice annual visits reduce bacteria that can cause pneumonia, researcher says

Source: WebMD Health

Drug Prices, Not Health Law, Top Voter Priorities

Majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents support making sure high-cost drugs for chronic conditions are affordable.

Source: WebMD Health

Join the Teal Pumpkin Project on Halloween

Painted pumpkins let trick-or-treaters with food allergies know safe treats are available

Source: WebMD Health

8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Fitness Fanatic | Fitness Magazine

Steal the spotlight this Halloween weekend with these eight costumes that perfectly showcase your love for the gym.

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Try This Horror Movie Drinking Game - With Squats Instead of Shots

Have you ever played a drinking game while watching a movie or TV show? We're taking it to the next level - or rather, a healthier place - with this scary movie fitness challenge.

Think of this as interval training meets a drinking game. At the end of 90 to 120 minutes (depending on your film of choice), you'll have completed a killer (get it?) total body workout. You should have plenty of breaks in between your exercises, so it'll keep this game challenging but totally doable. Make sure you have water on hand, too (every time you feel the urge to shovel popcorn in your mouth, take a sip of water!). Need some ideas on where to start, movie-wise? Try any of these horror movies you can stream on Netflix.

Without further ado, the Scary Movie Fitness Challenge:

  1. The car doesn't start: 10 bicycles
  2. Someone can't make a phone call: 15 jumping jacks
  3. Someone runs away: Run in place, 30 seconds
  4. Someone falls down while running: Run in place, 60 seconds (don't fall down)
  5. There's a loud noise, but nothing bad happens: 1 tuck jump
  6. There's a loud noise, and something bad DOES happen: 10 sit ups
  7. Someone does something unquestionably stupid: 10 burpees
  8. Someone misses a clear opportunity to be rescued/save the day/escape: Hold a 45 second plank
  9. Ghost, zombie, monster, or mythological creature appears: Hold a 15 second plank
  10. A group of people splits up: 10 reverse lunges
  11. Someone screams: 10 russian twists
  12. Someone is attacked: 5 push-ups
  13. Gory scene: 20 lunges
  14. Someone dies: 20 squats
  15. Someone you thought died is actually the killer: 10 squats per death
  16. The killer/villain dies: Victory dance
  17. The ending hints at a sequel or has a cliffhanger: 15 mountain climbers

Bonus: if you're feeling scared at the end of the movie, at least you'll be strong enough to fight someone/something off or run away! You just got so much practice!

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Doctors Try Brain-Training for 'Phantom Limb Pain'

Robotic technology offers insight into the post-amputation phenomenon

Source: WebMD Health

Study Questions Migraine Meds in Kids, Teens

Researchers found sugar pill worked as well as commonly prescribed drugs

Source: WebMD Health