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3 (Free!) Ways Your Phone Can Help You Get Fit

Getting fit doesn't have to be impossible. You don't need to follow overly complex programs. You don't have to have the knowledge of a registered dietitian. You also shouldn't be forced to spend countless dollars on gimmicks that make a lot of promises but deliver very little to you. All you really need is effort and a little help from the one thing that's by your side 24/7. With just your smartphone you can get fitter than you'd expect without having to download a single thing. Bonus: no apps to buy, no trainers in your ear buds shouting at you and no ridiculous straps or wearables to fumble with and spend more money on. Just you, your phone and some effort. Are you ready?

1. Keeping Track

Let's get a little sophisticated and implement some forethought into your health and fitness plan. Using your note function on Sunday night, write down what you expect to eat and what your goals are for Monday. On Monday night, go back and compare your actual performance in the gym and the kitchen with your plan. This makes you more accountable and gives you just the right kick in the pants to be better on Tuesday (and every day after). Science backs this as well: A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that subjects ate better by journaling their food. But you won't need a notebook. Just use the notes feature (but open a new one because that old one where you composed a sternly worded email to Bernice in accounting is better left alone).

2. Take a Selfie (and Another and Another . . .)

OK, everyone's probably taken a selfie at some point. This is a little different. Your task: Take two selfies at the gym (one before and another after your session). You may not love what you see in the first image (we're all way too critical but just do it, trust me), but the second will show the effort, sweat, and afterglow of a workout that will spur you on for more tomorrow and thereafter. Bonus: After a few weeks, this is going to be your flip book of progress showing off all your results. If a regular selfie doesn't cut it for you, consider upping your game with a cool case that lights up on the face like Snaplight. It'll ensure that you see every drop of sweat after each session and all the improvements on your body as your progress! In the end, nothing will make you want to workout more than knowing it's working, so your cellphone selfies are your true secret weapon. Don't believe us? Check out Justine McCabe, who lost an impressive 125 pounds using this method!

3. Set Some Alarms

Who doesn't use the alarm function on their phones? We can't think of anyone. What you probably don't use is the label for each alarm you set. Your task here is to set alarms for every fitness and nutrition goal throughout the day. It'll keep you on track and motivate you to follow your plan. You won't skip necessary healthy snacks, which means you won't indulge in fatty fillers when you're starving (because if you timed it right, you'll never be starving). You'll remember to drink plenty of water because your notes will be labeled appropriately ("You should have had two bottles of water by now so keep sipping!"). You'll also never skip a workout because your alarms will go off reminding you to get ready, get in there and get working ("Get your gear on!" "Are you at the gym yet?" "Ready to lift yet?" "Time to sweat it off!"). Sure you could snooze on these alarms like you do in the morning but with the accompanying orders that came directly from you, we're counting on the fact that there's no way you'll let yourself down!

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness