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Fun Employed: Extreme Training with the Fire Fighter's Workout

The hilarious masterminds behind the Instagram accounts Girl with No Job and Boy with No Job try extreme training with the Fire Fighter's Workout at Crunch gym.

[0:00:10] ... the Chinese and here we go. Where you question my extreme bipartisan work out harder drive back. I hope god. And they Obama. Yes. My god there's a woman inside the Arctic and Cassandra and she. Judging firefighter work out it's. Separated at six different stations right about a wrote that can of those we have actually done that. And he means that the you know get bored with one. And a lot of respect for Mike Anderson. That was really wrong. Attendance is up to doing our editors. So the first question you. Those are that's a house where fire fighter workout he's making sure you remember. Hey this. Yeah again I think that it's very. On the back you can read. It's minutes ...

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