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[0:01:36] ... definitely. Elevated elevated my work now and and even more excited to work out if it seamlessly. It's all of the other thing that's. ...

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Damn, Working Out Is Hard!

It's not called a workout for nothing! That sh*t is hard! And these Instagram pics prove it.

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Jobs With the Highest Suicide Rates

Farmers, fishermen and foresters have more than 5 times the average odds, CDC says

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Fun Employed: Extreme Training with the Fire Fighter's Workout

The hilarious masterminds behind the Instagram accounts Girl with No Job and Boy with No Job try extreme training with the Fire Fighter's Workout at Crunch gym.

[0:00:10] ... the Chinese and here we go. Where you question my extreme bipartisan work out harder drive back. I hope god. And they Obama. Yes. My god there's a woman inside the Arctic and Cassandra and she. Judging firefighter work out it's. Separated at six different stations right about a wrote that can of those we have actually done that. And he means that the you know get bored with one. And a lot of respect for Mike Anderson. That was really wrong. Attendance is up to doing our editors. So the first question you. Those are that's a house where fire fighter workout he's making sure you remember. Hey this. Yeah again I think that it's very. On the back you can read. It's minutes ...

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11 Ways to Not Be A Jerk While Hiking the National Parks This Summer | Fitness Magazine

The National Parks Service turns 100 this year. Celebrate by hitting the trails the right way.

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Clinics Selling Unapproved Stem Cell 'Therapies'

Study identifies hot spots around the country

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This Disorder Significantly Boosts Heart Risks

Untreated, the condition also makes arteries age decades faster, study reports

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FDA Says 'No' to Eating Raw Cookie Dough

Illness-inducing germs such as E. coli can lurk in uncooked flour, agency warns

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The Formula Behind the Amount of Water You Need During Workouts

Reaching for your water bottle after a workout is an absolute must, but it's also important to drink up both before and during your workout. Not being hydrated can cause dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and cramps, as well as muscles that feel like lead. Heading into your workout well hydrated can make you feel stronger and more alert, and since your heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump oxygenated blood to your muscles, you're able to exercise longer. Here are some basic guidelines on how much water you need to perform your best and prevent dehydration.

  • Before: Drink about 15 to 20 ounces of water one to two hours before working out. Sip another eight ounces 15 minutes before.
  • During: Sip water every 15 minutes, especially if you're exercising in extreme heat or you're sweating buckets. If you're working out for longer than an hour or in excessive heat, then sip Smartwater, coconut water, or a sports drink like Gatorade to replenish lost electrolytes.
  • After: Weigh yourself before and after your workout. For every pound of water weight lost, replace it by drinking 16 to 20 ounces of water or sports drink. Another good way to monitor that you've gotten enough water is in the ladies' room. If you have a large amount of light-colored urine, then you're hydrated. If it's dark, then you'll know you need to drink more before, during, and after your workout.

You definitely don't want to overdo it with nature's beverage. Although rare, there is such a thing as overhydration, a condition called hyponatremia where sodium levels in the blood become diluted and fall dangerously low. You'll know you're drinking too much water if you find you've gained weight when weighing yourself after a workout.

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6 Ways Fitness is a Metaphor for Life | Fitness Magazine

Your life goals aren't acutally that different from your workout plan.

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Men Face Greater Risk of Cardiac Arrest: Study

Heart disease tends to develop earlier than it does in women, researchers say

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New Drug Shows Promise for Rare Blood Cancers

Organ damage improved in 60 percent of patients with advanced systemic mastocytosis

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Allergists: Daily Bath OK for Kids With Eczema

The key is immediately following tub time with moisturizer

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Dogs May Spot Low Blood Sugar in Diabetics: Study

Dogs May Spot Low Blood Sugar in Diabetics: Study

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Zika Brain Damage May Occur Without Microcephaly

Study suggests microcephaly birth defect isn't always present; cases may be underreported

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This May Help Protect Men Against Diabetes

Too much, too little lowered body's ability to break down sugar, but that was not the case for women

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Epilepsy Medications: Finding the Right Drug to Control Seizures

In the past 15 years, the number of epilepsy drugs available has more than doubled. Learn how to find the right epilepsy medication for controlling your seizures.

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Reassessing the Annual Pelvic Exam

Independent panel of U.S. experts finds 'insufficient' evidence of worth

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Healthy Gluten-Free Summer Recipes Everyone Will Love | Fitness Magazine

Registered dietitian Abbey Sharp compiles her favorite naturally gluten-free recipes that never taste like second-rate versions of the "real thing."

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An Open Letter to Myself When I Haven't Been to Yoga

Hello You,

First of all, I love you. I know you're doing the best you can today. I'm sure things feel tough, your body feels tight, and you're not necessarily interested in hearing from me. But I'm the swift kick you need today. Girl, get yourself to a f*cking yoga class.

You need to balance out the aggression of your morning runs and loud group-fitness classes where house music and the instructor's voice pound in your skull. I know you'd rather go to a workout where you have to step outside yourself to make it through and complete the session; this is exactly why you have to go to yoga. Today. The times when you don't want to roll out your mat to practice are the moments when you need it the most. Trust me on this one. I know you.

I know you're busy, stressed, and pressed for time. I know it doesn't seem like the best use of your evening. I know you're afraid to be alone with yourself when you feel fragile, and breathe deep from your belly. I know you might get dizzy on your mat because you haven't released energy from these muscles in months. I know you might get a case of the giggles you can't seem to control or make sad noises and weep during Savasana. No one will care. Go and show up for yourself.

I know how scary it is to be quiet when things are stressful, but think about how good it feels to slow down and take a moment and be kind to yourself. Think about how it feels to stretch and bend and move and truly inhabit your body. Think about the epiphanies you've had when you're on the mat. Yoga has gotten you through bad fights and heartbreaks and friends unexpectedly passing. It's helped you release old wounds and realize your emotional and physical strength. You've felt just as silly and beautiful and confident dripping in sweat, practicing Lion's Breath with your mouth wide open, tongue towards your chin, making an audible hahhh as you have on any promising first date. When you go to yoga, you sleep better, you're less reactive, and your heart is wide open. You say it yourself, "I'm a better version of myself when I'm doing yoga regularly."

Please, for me . . . err . . . us, just go. We really deserve it.

Yourself (who has been to yoga three times this week)

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The Best Beginner Cardio Workouts For the Gym or at Home

When you decide you're ready to bring some cardio workouts into your life, the process can be a bit overwhelming. The options are endless, but you need workouts tailored to your fitness level to learn the ropes while getting stronger. We've rounded up our best beginner cardio workouts for you to try, whether you have access to a treadmill or an elliptical or you're looking for an equipment-free sweat session you can do at home.


  • 40-Minute Walking and Running Workout: The fastest pace in this workout is 5.8 miles per hour, and the running intervals never top two minutes. Plus you can print out this workout to take with you to the gym.
  • 60-Minute Workout Mixing Walking and Jogging: Perfect for when you're ready to push your endurance, this hour-long workout will burn close to 300 calories. The workout alternates between 4 MPH intervals of walking and 5 MPH jogs.
  • 50-Minute Hill Walk: While you never go faster than 4 MPH in this workout, you work the incline button - a lot. Adding the elevation works your glutes and hamstrings nicely.


  • 20-Minute Elliptical Plan: This plan makes for an excellent lunchtime workout. It's perfect for beginners and will get you well acquainted with the versatility of the machine.
  • 35-Minute Elliptical Workout: This workout is easy on the incline but incorporates the handles to fit in some upper-body conditioning, along with pedaling backward to work the glutes and hamstrings.
  • 60 Minutes on the Elliptical: This workout is tailored for beginners but will push you a bit as you play with both incline and speed. All the variations make the hour fly by.

At-Home Cardio

  • 10-Minute Cardio and Active Stretch Session: This video workout will get your blood flowing and your body limber. Your heart rate will rise through the first five minutes of cardio, which is followed by five minutes of active stretching.
  • 10-Minute Cardio Video: Get ready to hop, skip, jump, and punch your way through this quick sweat session. You don't need any equipment for this workout, so you can do it anywhere.
  • PlyoJam 10-Minute Dance Workout: This workout is more like a party! Bring your sexy as you mix plyometric jumping exercises with fun dance moves.

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29 Fitness-Inspired Tattoos That Show Off Your Love For Working Out

Obsessed with your fitness program? Enough to wear it on your body permanently? We rounded up 29 creative tattoos showcasing marathon mileage, Pilates poses, yoga Sanskrit, and dumbbell designs.

If you're ready for your first #FitTattoo, then look through to get inspired!

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This Is What Happens When You Ignore Pain and Keep Training

There are times when you're sore from a new workout, and then there are times when you experience something a little scarier: DOMS. Delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is more intense muscular pain caused by microtears in the muscles and usually sets in between 24 and 48 hours after a new workout or intense physical activity.

If you're sore, is it still OK to work out? While general, mild soreness is OK, it's not the best idea to keep breaking down your muscles when you've got something more serious like DOMS. We consulted Jan Milano, CSCS and sports performance coach at DIAKADI in San Francisco, to learn more about overtraining syndrome, and sure enough, he had plenty to say about pushing through a workout when you're suffering from DOMS.

His advice? If you're dealing with this delayed muscular soreness, you need to take a break from intense workouts. If you've been training hard, he said, "doing another session of hard, intense physical activity while experiencing DOMS should be avoided." This is "due to several mechanical and biomechanical reasons," which he detailed for us.

  • You're prolonging the DOMS. If you're already sore, your muscles are recovering from microtears, which are "sensitive and fragile." If you keep going, you won't heal. "Overstretching of the muscle when sore can easily lead to the microtears getting worse, prolonging the recovery and repair time of the muscle," Milano said. More training, more paining.
  • You're inhibiting good hormone production. Milano told us that continuing with intense exercise while experiencing DOMS "can attenuate secretion of crucial hormones like growth hormone, which is a key factor for improvement on recovery, performance, and even body composition." If you're trying to get stronger or gain muscle, this is stuff you're trying to keep in your body - so don't mess with it!
  • It could cause long-term damage. If you overdo it while you have DOMS, Milano warned that it could lead to the dangerous effects of overtraining syndrome.

If you're in pain, take a rest day. However, you don't need to skip all workouts. In fact, according to Milano, research has shown that some lighter activities could actually help your recovery. "Activities like walking or light swimming, which are nonimpact activities, could positively affect the recovery time of the athlete or individual," he said. So if you can't rest and you're on some kind of training program, consider an active rest day with some LISS cardio or another exercise without impact.

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What Are Kegel Exercises?

This down-there workout isn't from a trainer—it's from Shape sexpert Dr. Logan Levkoff.

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Back Challenge: Bodyweight Exercises

These bodyweight exercises will tone your back so you can feel confident in those backless tops and dresses.

[0:01:24] ... air pull-up. Now, I love these because it gives you that pull-up workout without actually doing the pull-up. So you're gonna, again, using your mind because you want to really create that resistance, you want ...
[0:02:40] ... And there you have it. Next we're on to the resistance band workout. ...

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At-Home Pilates Moves for a Tight, Lifted Booty

Amy Jordan, founder of WundaBar Pilates shows you the exercises you can do at home to get your butt in amazing shape.

[0:00:01] ... Jordan, the founder of Wundabar, and this is how we bring the workout home. [MUSIC] Lunge, plie, repeat. As you lower into the lunge, you can float dumbbells up in front of you to engage ...

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Back Challenge: Abs Circuit

You can't have a strong back without a strong core, so get to work with this abs burning circuit.

[0:00:05] ... so part of this better back challenge is getting n that core workout every week. So we've got five exercises here, one minute each. You take the rest that you need between them. But the ...

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Testosterone Rx May Boost Older Men's Sex Lives

Gel hormone treatment led to improved libido and sexual function, study finds

Source: WebMD Health

A Girl-Powered Workout Playlist to Pump You Up

Looking for the perfect pumped-up, girl-powered jams to get you through a workout? Get excited, because we've put together over two hours of hits, from Destiny's Child and Spice Girls to Rihanna and Selena Gomez. If you're into upbeat pop music and thrive off of songs like "Roar" by Katy Perry, then this is going to be your new favorite workout soundtrack. Download the free Spotify app to listen. If this mix isn't your speed or your style, check out all of our workout playlists to find something that suits your taste.

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Hello, Short Shorts! A Workout For Sexy, Strong Legs

Grab your short shorts, your Daisy Dukes, your hot pants - whatever you chose to call them. You're going to want to show off your shapely gams after doing this workout. Each of these four exercise tones a different part of your legs, making this workout quick and efficient. We suggest using dumbbells between five and 10 pounds for this fitness quickie.

Directions: Warm up with three minutes of cardio - running in place, jumping jacks, and butt kickers. Then perform this four-exercise circuit three times. Stretch your quads and hamstrings to cool down.

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Stem Cells Deemed Safe for ALS Patients

But further research needed to see if injections into spine would provide any benefit, researchers say

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Biden Issues Challenge to Speed Cancer Discoveries

joe biden at cancer moonshot summit

Vice President Joe Biden challenged American researchers Wednesday to cram 10 years of work against cancer into 5 years by boosting clinical trials, enlisting big data, and making life-saving drugs cheaper.

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Can You Reverse Hearing Loss?

doctor talking to woman

Many types of hearing loss are reversible. Is yours? WebMD explains.

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5 Megaformer Tips For a Lagree Method Newbie

I recently visited Los Angeles for the Kayla Itsines Sweat Tour - but made sure to pack my schedule with some other fun workouts in the LA area, too.

First on my list was a Megaformer class at The Studio (MDR) near Venice Beach, CA. One of my best friends had been telling me about the Lagree Method for months, and I was dying to try one of her favorite studios. In a frantic flurry of text questions, I asked her, "But wait, WTF is a Megaformer? Sounds terrifying. Is it like a transformer? Optimus Prime?" to which she responded with something to the tune of "It's a super gnarly version of a reformer machine - it's crazy." But her obsession with the class meant two things: it was a good workout, and it was working for her. I was sold.

Walking into the studio, my eyes locked on the room full of what looked like Medieval torture machines, and I knew right away they were the Megaformers. To be clear, I've never even taken a reformer Pilates class. So not only was I new to the Megaformer, I'd never even been on a similar machine. "That's great," said my instructor, Melissa Kusack, "because this isn't Pilates!"

I loved this class for many reasons, even though I jumped in as a total beginner (an intimidated one at that). My instructor was kind, helpful, and so informative; I didn't disclose ahead of time that I work for POPSUGAR Fitness, and Melissa still gave me tons of attention, help, and adjustments to ensure that I had an excellent first experience. The format of the class was straightforward, easy to follow, and easy to modify for a newbie. And you know what? The machine totally wasn't a torture device . . . my abs and obliques might be on a different page, but that's their problem.

I've gathered up some of the best tips my instructor shared during class, so if you're trying to check out a Megaformer class near you, get your grip socks on, grab a bottle of water, and read on.

  1. Get familiar. One of the best things you can do before you get started with the Lagree Method? Get there early. "Arrive to class 10 to 15 minutes early so that the instructor can meet with you and familiarize you with the Megaformer," said Melissa. "Be sure to wear grippy socks, have water and bring a towel - you will definitely sweat!" Once you're a little more familiar with the machine, you can follow along without stressing.
  2. Go slow! The slower you go, the faster you change; I can totally attest to this, because there were definitely moments in my first class in which I wanted to rush through a muscle-burning move. "The Lagree Method is all about slow and controlled movements, targeting each and every muscle in a concentrated and focused manner," said Melissa. "Not only do we move slow to keep it safe, but also to engage your slow twitch muscles." This is a great way to burn fat (and lose weight), and as Melissa puts it, it's "key in achieving a strong, toned body."
  3. Don't psych yourself out. Melissa's most important tip for beginners: "Don't be afraid to modify." You don't have to do everything to a T the first time! "The instructor will explain each exercise, and call out modifications throughout class," she said. "These [modified] moves work just as great and help to perfect your form, in order to get you to the next level." And a reminder, it's OK to be a beginner! "Remember, everyone starts as a beginner, and the person next to you was once in your grippy socks," said Melissa. She noted that it can take anywhere from five to 10 classes to get comfortable on the Megaformer, so "Don't get discouraged; this workout is truly life-changing!"
  4. Be consistent. But don't forget to give yourself breaks between workouts, so your muscles can adjust (trust me on this one - my abs were awakened). "Consistency and rest are incredibly important when it comes to the Lagree Method," Melissa told me. "Commit to the workout, but also pace yourself and take those rest days." The workout is 50 minutes long - it goes a long way.
  5. It's OK to shake! Very much like in barre classes, shaking is a sign of strength so Melissa recommends embracing it. She says, "The more you shake, the stronger you are becoming!" If the shaking is intimidating, Melissa reminds you to "believe in yourself, own your body, smile, and have fun!"

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Back Challenge: Cardio Circuit

This cardio circuit designed by trainer Natalie Jill will burn fat all over so those hard earned muscles can shine through.

[0:00:07] ... and there it each week. Now for that hey it's me I work out the you can spread out rats a what you gonna do if there's five exercise that I can show you. All of ...

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5 Motivating Beach Reads For Runners

Hitting the beach or pool with a book in hand is one of my favorite Summer pastimes, but truth be told, I wrestle with the notion of extended relaxation. My solution: temper my restlessness with books about running. Odd but true: somehow, reading about running is almost as, if not more, satisfying as running itself. Here are a handful of books, both new and old, that will keep you glued to your poolside chaise but still inspire you to lace up your sneakers.

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Mosquito Repellents -- What Works?

There are no shortages of candles, sprays, and oils to keep mosquitoes away. But WebMD asks which ones really work?

Source: WebMD Health

Surgery for sleep apnea


What are your surgical options for sleep apnea? WebMD explains.

Source: WebMD Health

I Took Karlie Kloss's Go-To Workout Class and This Is What I Learned

Back Challenge: Resistance Band Exercises

Grab a resistance band and work out with trainer Natalie Jill as she shows you how to sculpt a sexy back.

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Progress Against Heart Deaths Starting to Wane

Obesity, diabetes epidemics may be to blame, doctors say

Source: WebMD Health

FDA Asks How Safe Is That Hand Sanitizer?

Agency wants proof the products kill bacteria and are harmless over time

Source: WebMD Health

Can You Reverse Hearing Loss?

doctor talking to woman

Many types of hearing loss are reversible. Is yours? WebMD explains.

Source: WebMD Health

The Top 4 Workouts to Avoid If You're Trying to Lose Weight

We encourage all types of fitness, for more reasons than just weight loss. While weight loss is an awesome side effect of working out and living a healthier lifestyle, exercise can benefit your brain, your mood, your sleep, and your overall health, too!

However, if you're focusing on dropping pounds, are there types of exercises you should flat-out avoid? We asked certified personal trainer John Rowley - International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Director of Wellness and founder of UX3 Nutrition - for his opinion on the matter. While we still encourage anyone to give these workouts a shot (in fact, we love all of them!), these four may not give you the results you're looking for if weight loss is your top priority.

  1. CrossFit "CrossFit is number one on the hit list," said Rowley in an email. "The risk-to-results ratio just isn't there." If you're just beginning your weight loss journey, you likely won't have the strength to get an effective workout without injuring yourself. "It's very popular, and I can see how fun and challenging it is," he noted. "But the way the exercises are done is very dangerous, especially for someone not in tiptop shape."
  2. Yoga Rowley explained that yoga "has a lot of benefits, but losing weight is not one of them." Although you'll gain strength and tone up, if you're aiming to shed pounds, "you want to work as much of your body as possible to lose weight and to stimulate your metabolism," and Rowley said yoga is not the most effective way to do so.
  3. Indoor Cycling While indoor cycling classes are great for exercise veterans, Rowley said, "they can get out of control as well," and the format of the classes can put you at risk for injury. "The rooms can get too hot, the movements can be too aggressive for some, and any vigorous exercise will make you hungry." More on that hunger in the next point . . .
  4. Cardio-Only Routines Rowley said these should be avoided if your only goal is weight loss. Why? The munchies. "Cardio will help burn calories but can often make you hungry, leading to excessive calorie-consuming after workouts," putting you at a higher risk for undoing your progress. Additionally if you're only doing cardio and not balancing with strength training, it can lead to muscle loss. "The loss of muscle destroys your metabolism; if you are going to do cardio, do it in conjunction with a well thought-out weight training workout."

Again, we love (and do) each of these workouts - and you absolutely can lose weight doing any of them. But if your number one goal is weight loss, Rowley warned, you might want to re-prioritize your workout schedule.

So what should you do? "The only way for lasting, healthy weight loss that will change your body composition is through resistance training," Rowley said. "Lifting weights stimulates your muscles; your muscles burn calories even when you are eating and resting." We encourage you to be open to all types of workouts - get comfortable with movement of all types! But start with a good, healthy balance of strength training (as recommended by this trainer) and a bit of cardio to help build up your endurance so you can keep shedding pounds and crush your goals.

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The 30-Day Challenge for a Strong, Sexy Back

Trainer Natalie Jill designed this back challenge to create the sculpted back muscles of your dreams.

[0:00:16] ... week starting with our own body weight. Digging into a resistance and work out and stability ball and then dumb bells are gonna progressed due out this challenge that you can get strong our. Not often got a poor workout each week for you because. Why are valley and a tight or is gonna help that overall fat lot and we shaping that back as well. And at a party at work out for you each week seeking help to really get laughed it. We're gonna do a little strain kept the game restaurant and ...

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The Beyoncé Workout Playlist You Need This Week | Fitness Magazine

Let's be honest, Beyoncé has been inspiring us to be our best selves for the better part of our lives. From her music to her workout gear to her...

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What The Heck Are Those Bumps on My Arms? | Fitness Magazine

Those bumps on the back of your arms are called keratosis pilaris, and they might clear up. Here's how.

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HIIT Like You've Never Done It

These 6 fresh takes on high-intensity interval training will get your heart pumping.

[0:00:05] ... academics say magazine sinister actor and today we're gonna do up front work out that's a fresh take on it. It got six ms. and it's gonna help us blast 220. Calories. All you need is ...

Source: Workout

The Secret to a Strong Upper Body That's Missing From Your Workout | Fitness Magazine

Get the ultimate moves for a sexy upper body and strong, toned arms with this Grokker workout.

Source: Workout

Sculpt Your Best Lower Body Ever

Six moves is all it takes to get a firmer, more defined lower body.

Source: Workout

Afterburn-Boosting Total-Body Workout

Maximize your calorie-burning potential with this cardio and strength training routine.

[0:00:05] ... academics say magazines this tractor and today we're gonna do a great work out that's gonna stop every muscle ahead to tell and also is like your act different. You're gonna start with the Chuck Knoblauch ...

Source: Workout

Foods to Fuel Workout | Fitness Magazine

Add these foods into your pre-workout routine to keep you hydrated during summer sweat sessions.

Source: Workout

Yoga Can Help You Get Ahead at Work - Here's How

If you've been practicing yoga regularly, you've no doubt started to feel the positive effects on your body and mind. Once you roll up your mat after class and fix that postyoga messy bun, you feel light, energized, and conscious. But did you know that you could use what you learn in yoga class to be more successful at work? Read on to learn ways to take your yoga practice into the workplace, beyond your postclass "namaste."

Make Room For Mindfulness

The very idea of yoga is to find presence in each moment, without dwelling on the past or racing toward the future. While you may have mastered keeping your mind still during Warrior 2, do you still have trouble focusing on tasks during work? Try bringing all of your attention to whatever task you've started - that means saying no to multitasking. Having a one-on-one with your manager? Hold the space by paying attention, getting curious with questions, and setting deadlines for accountability. Try setting aside an hour at the beginning or end of your day to tackle emails, instead of getting distracted by notifications throughout the day. Being present will help with anxiety, stress, and being overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Nonreactivity Is Key

Yoga teaches us to accept whatever comes our way, without being attached to one outcome or another. Wouldn't it be fantastic if our co-workers never made any snide remarks and we got every promotion we ever wished for? Since we don't live in utopia, there will always be chaos and challenge in life, especially at work. While yoga won't make that go away, it can teach us not to dive into that negative space and, instead, find calm within. Practicing meditation or breathing techniques before work or during a lunch break will allow you to slow down before jumping to conclusions and reacting rashly.

Wherever You Are, Find Light

In yoga when we greet each other with the Sanskrit word namaste, we're basically saying, "the light that resides within me, recognizes and honors the light within you." It's easy to get bogged down and stuck in the seriousness of work, especially in a high-stress environment. Apply that principle of finding the light in the toughest situations to ground yourself. Did your new project totally face plant? Celebrate the learnings from that failure. Struggling with a new program? Ask for help and give thanks to a mentor. If we can flip our perception and stop labeling situations as "bad," everything becomes an opportunity.

Of course, none of these principles come easy. The same way you may wobble in Dancer's pose before hitting your stride, applying these yogic attributes to the workplace requires practice and patience.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Health Highlights: June 28, 2016

Ikea Recalls Dressers Due to Tip-Over Danger

Source: WebMD Health

'Hacking' a Diabetes Cure?

man viewing ekg on smartphone

At least 85 people and counting are managing their type 1 diabetes with an artificial pancreas system they built themselves.

Source: WebMD Health

Pat Summitt's Death And Early Alzheimer's

Legendary coach's final role: fighting the brain disease

Source: WebMD Health

The Best Running Workout For Newbies

If you're new to running, I'm a firm believer in easing into your relationship with running to give your body time to adjust to the physical demands - you don't want to get so sore that you never want to run again. Mixing walking and running is a great way to get your heart rate up while priming your body for distance and speed. Here's a 40-minute walking/running workout perfect for beginners - or for seasoned runners in the mood for a lighter workout.

Click here for a printable version of this workout. As always, if this workout is too hard or too easy, feel free to decrease or increase the speed. I would keep the incline set to 1.0 because this helps prevent shin splints, which can be a common problem for new runners. Try to do this workout three times in one week. The following week, after warming up for the first 10 minutes, run for three minutes and walk for three minutes, keeping the last two segments at two minutes each, then cool down with walking. Try it. You just might get hooked on running.

Related: 10 Tips That Will Make You a Better Runner

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Success in Mice Shows Zika Vaccine 'Feasible'

Two candidates provided protection after just one shot; clinical trials planned for later this year

Source: WebMD Health

Diabetes Complications: Know the Symptoms

Take note of these red flags and learn what to do.

Source: WebMD Health

Are You In Diabetes Denial?

5 steps to accept and manage your condition.

Source: WebMD Health

Summer Travel Smarts for Diabetes

What to pack and how to prep for your trip.

Source: WebMD Health

CrossFit-Inspired 200-Rep Bodyweight Workout

You don't need heavy-duty barbells, a box, or a pull-up bar for this CrossFit workout, but it's still fast-paced, full-body, and intense. It's just four basic moves, 10 reps each, repeated five times for a total of 200 reps. Aim to do this workout AQAP (as quickly as possible), finishing in under eight to 10 minutes, paying special attention to proper form.

This is a solid workout to do when you're short on time or if you've always wanted to try CrossFit but have been too intimidated to hit up a class.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Spice Up Your Grill With Global Flavors

A healthy take on tastes from around the world.

Source: WebMD Health

Choose Fruit Wisely When You Have Diabetes

Even natural sweetness can bump up your blood sugar.

Source: WebMD Health

Your Well-Timed Diabetes Workout

Find the time of day that works best with your lifestyle.

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Ask the Expert: Summer Heat and Diabetes Control

Heat, especially extreme heat, is hard for anyone to tolerate. It’s especially hard on people with diabetes.

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Old Drug Boosts Brain's Memory Centers

But more research needed before recommending methylene blue to those with memory loss, scientist says

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Programs to Spot Painkiller Abuse Work

Study found monitoring program in Maine was only used by 56 percent of pharmacists

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3 Pregnancy Health & Fitness Myths You Should Know About

3 Pregnancy Health & Fitness Myths You Should Know About

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3 Pregnancy Health & Fitness Myths You Should Know About

Posted: 28 Jun 2016 06:00 AM PDT

Pregnant biker

To begin creating a good pregnancy health plan, you must start by separating fact from fiction. Here are three pregnancy myths that need to be debunked!

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