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Early Alzheimer's Linked to Brain 'Leakage'

Normally, blood-brain barrier prevents this from happening

Source: WebMD Health

Kids' Concussion Rates May Be Higher Than Thought

Study finds that most cases are first tended to at doctors' offices, not hospital ERs

Source: WebMD Health

The Health Bonus You Get From Running - How Running Helps Your Bones | Fitness Magazine

Marathon training gets you fit, of course, but a new study shows that running has a surprise benefit for your bones.

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20-Minute, No-Running Cardio Blast

There are no excuses for skipping this workout; it's only 20 minutes, and it requires no equipment, so no matter where you are, you can fit in a sweat session. Quick and effective, this workout is all cardio with no running required. Yep, you can do it in your living room. So learn the moves below, and get at it.

Directions: Perform each exercise for a minute (or as many reps of each exercise as you can in the 60 seconds, taking breaks as needed). Beginners, aim to work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Rest for two minutes between each 10-minute set. Cool down with three to five minutes of stretching.

Here are details on each move:

March With Arm Circle

  • March in place, bringing knee to the height of your hip, while circling your arms backward for 30 seconds and then forward for the remaining time to warm up your shoulders.

Jumping Jack

  • Jump off the balls of your feet as you perform this classic exercise.
  • To modify, step the legs wide and then step them together instead of jumping.

High-Knee Run

  • With elbows bent to sides and hands parallel to the floor, run in place, bringing your knees high so that they touch your hands.

Long Jump and Shuffle Back

  • Start in a squat with arms low and slightly behind you, and take a large jump forward landing softly into a deep squat.
  • Shuffle backward, taking five to eight small steps until you are back where you started.

Butt-Kicker Run

  • Run in place, bringing your heel to your butt to work your hamstring a bit.
  • Pump your arms to keep your upper body moving and your heart rate up.


  • Jump straight up with your hands behind your head.
  • Land in a deep squat, bringing your hands to the floor.
  • Jump your feet into a plank.
  • Jump your feet back toward your hands, and repeat cycle by jumping up.


  • Cross your arms in front of you (rather than overhead) as you bring your feet together in this variation on the classic jack.

Lunge Skip

  • Come into a lunge with your right leg back. Swing your right leg forward to hop up on your left foot, and land softly back in a lunge.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds, and then switch sides.

Mountain Climber

  • Holding the plank position, drive one knee at a time toward your chest like you are running in place.
  • Focus on your abs in this exercise, and do not let your pelvis drift toward the ceiling.

Side Skater

  • Starting with the weight on your right leg, leap sideways to the left, landing softly with a deep bend in your left knee.
  • Reverse directions, jumping onto your right leg.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Ally Love Shares Her Morning Mantra

Ally says "Get up. Get out there. Work out."

[0:00:02] ... don't even think about it. Just get up, get out there, and work out. And make sure it's a workout that makes you happy. ...

Source: Workout

Sex-Transmitted Zika More Common Than Thought: WHO

Women planning to become pregnant should wait 8 weeks if they or partner live in areas where infections are occurring

Source: WebMD Health

Scans: Brain Region Misfires in Depressed People

Contrary to previous thinking, the habenula is less active during unpleasant experiences

Source: WebMD Health

Most Smokers Don't Stick With E-Cigarettes

'Vaping' only replaces tobacco use for a small group of people, study finds

Source: WebMD Health

Trainer Talk :How Sore Is Too Sore?

Celeb trainer Courtney Paul explains how to know the difference between 'good' sore and 'bad' sore.

[0:00:09] ... now. And this has gone on for days. But that's a good workout. Now if it's a sharp pain, that's not so good. But the pain that will stop you in your tracks, that is ...

Source: Workout

Trainer Talk: Why Can't I Only Do Cardio?

Celeb trainer Courtney Paul explains the downsides to a cardio-only workout regime.

Source: Workout

Trainer Talk: Why Do Some Trainers Say That Crunches Don't Work?

Personal trainer Courtney Paul sets the record straight on the effectiveness of crunches when it comes to sculpting a strong core.

Source: Workout

This Challenge Will Give You a Better Butt in Just 30 Days

Give your backside some attention and try our four-week squat challenge! Learn the specifics on each style of squat included in this circuit, then put your knowledge to practice with this plan. You can also download and print the PDF version of the challenge, too. Be sure to hang it on your fridge to inspire you to work it!

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Lifestyle May Be Key to Improving ADHD in Kids

Healthier habits related to exercise and diet could help many with the disorder, researcher says

Source: WebMD Health

New Meat Labeling Offers More Protection

Warns consumers that mechanically tenderized beef can raise bacteria risk, so more careful cooking needed

Source: WebMD Health

Burn More Calories and Lose Weight Faster With These Tabata Workouts

What's not to love about high-intensity interval training? Not only does HIIT save you time, but it also burns tons of calories, both while you work out and after (even if you're doing nothing at all!). One of our favorite ways to HIIT is Tabata, a type of workout that combines 20 seconds of intense bursts of workouts with 10 seconds of rest in four-minute rounds. Does a short and effective workout sound good to you? Get started here.

  1. Printable Tabata workout: Take it with you; this printable Tabata workout may be the only thing you need to stay in shape. Packed with so many different types of moves, from backward lunges to burpees, so you don't get bored, this workout will keep you interested in your workout while you burn major calories.
  2. 10-minute, no-equipment Tabata: For an all-in-one workout, just press play. This 10-minute Tabata workout video combines two Tabata sets with a short warmup and cooldown to get you in and out in just 10 minutes! All you have to do is follow along.
  3. And another: Can't get enough of our Tabata workouts? This 10-minute Tabata video workout adds even more intensity to your routine. Play it back to back with the above or on its own for an effective, intense workout.
  4. Tabata mashup: Two classic moves, one killer workout. This Tabata mashup workout video combines 20 seconds of push-ups and 20 seconds of squats, along with short rest intervals, for a sweat-inducing HIIT workout.
  5. Eight-minute Tabata: Don't have time for a long workout? Tabata makes a great quick and effective workout for when time is limited. This eight-minute Tabata workout is basically two rounds of Tabata, so if you decide to do more, you can repeat the workout.
  6. Living room Tabata: Too hot, too cold, or wet to run outside? Amp up your cardio routine with this printable home Tabata workout. Perfect for any small space, it'll have you doing heart-rate-raising moves like mountain climbers and squat jumps to burn calories fast.
  7. 20-minute Tabata: If you're short on time, this do-anywhere workout will help you burn major calories in no time at all. A mix of cardio and bodyweight exercises done at high intensity will sculpt your body with no equipment necessary. Learn how to do the entire 20-minute Tabata-inspired workout here.
  8. 40-minute Tabata workout poster: Get serious at the gym - and be the inspiration to your fellow gym rats - with this intense, 40-minute Tabata superset workout you can print and take with you anywhere.
  9. Total-body Tabata: For a longer workout that will make you feel like you spent hours at the gym, go for this 30-minute full-body Tabata workout. Be warned: even the rest periods will sculpt muscles with targeted isometric exercises like planks and wall sits.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

22 Ways to Get Faster | Fitness Magazine

Ready to pick up the pace? Try these tips, tricks, and workouts that helped nine runners shave minutes—even hours—off their race times.

Source: Workout

The Ultimate Throwback '90s Workout Playlist | Fitness Magazine

It's time to get back to where it all started for you work out—the 1990s.

Source: Workout

30-Minute Butt, Legs, & Arms Workout | Fitness Magazine

This routine will hit your glutes, thighs ,and triceps to give you a full body burn.

Source: Workout

5 Moves to Trim Your Thighs

The leg-baring fashions of Summer inspired us to round up our favorite thigh-trimming exercises. These moves will strengthen and tone your legs!

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Keep Going and Going and Going: How to Increase Your Endurance

Signing up for a distance race is exciting! But if the length's got you worried, it's good to know that endurance is a skill. Just the act of exercising regularly will help you be able to become stronger and exercise for longer, but there are specific ways you can help your body during vigorous or long-lasting workouts. Here are five tips to help build your endurance.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Long and Lean Full-Body Yoga Flow

It's time to slow it down and work your muscles while lengthening them, so today's workout is a yoga flow to help you get long and lean. It's perfect for stretching tight muscles while working your arms and core in surprising new ways.

Directions: move through the entire 12-pose sequence on the right side, and then repeat on the left.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

The Best Total-Body Workout That You're Probably Not Doing

The rowing machine is getting more and more use lately, as many fitness enthusiasts are discovering the power of this surprisingly simple (but crazy effective!) workout. CrossFit boxes love incorporating rowing into their programs, and boutique rowing studios are starting to pop up in major cities, but for some reason, we're still seeing empty rowing machines at the gym.

Related: Row Like a Pro and Get a Great Workout

To find out a little bit more about what makes rowing so amazing, we talked with a couple experts - Kevin O'Connell, coach at Reebok CrossFit ONE, and Dino Adelfio, instructor at Row Club rowing studio in San Francisco - and we took a class ourselves. Holy. Cow. That class was hard, but incredible! We were definitely feeling the burn the next day (hello, quads!).

Here are four reasons you should try rowing now:

  1. It's a Total-Body Workout: Did you know that rowing uses 86 percent of the muscles in your body? That's pretty hard to beat. Plus, rowing is a cardio workout, which burns major calories and leads to a healthier heart.
  2. It's efficient: Adelfio told us that NASA astronauts train with rowing, because it's so efficient. Thirty minutes of rowing can have the same physical impact as 90 minutes of cycling, so if you're short on time, skip Spin and head to the gym for a quick session.
  3. It's versatile: The moves you do in rowing "carry over to the mechanics of other movements" outside the gym, explains O'Connell. CrossFit founder Greg Glassman defines this as "universal recruitment patterns," a characteristic of Functional Movements. When we took our first rowing class, we experienced firsthand how the rowing movement breaks down into squat and front row, working many different muscle groups.
  4. It's injury-safe: O'Connell says that with rowing, "there is minimal impact loading, so it is safe for individuals that may have had ankle, knee, or hip injuries." NOTE: make sure to keep the damper - which controls the resistance - set to 5 and no higher!

Ready to get started? Here's how to start using the rowing machine. If you're more familiar with the machine, try our rowing interval workout.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Sculpt and Strengthen Your Arms With This 3-Week Challenge

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting strong, defined arms; we're here to help. After following this 21-day arm plan, not only will your arms look toned - you'll also be stronger. First thing's first: don't worry if you've never lifted a dumbbell in your life. This arm challenge was designed with everyone in mind - whether it's your first time working out or you're at the gym on a daily basis.

Getting started: The challenge consists of five basic exercises that help to target all the areas of your arms. Over the course of the challenge, you will increase the number of reps you're doing of each exercise, eventually working up to three sets of 15 reps for each exercise.

Below is an explanation of how to do each of the five exercises, followed by the plan itself. Choosing the appropriate size weight is key here - you want one that fatigues your muscles by the end of the three sets. If the challenge ever feels too easy, that's your cue to increase the weight of the dumbbells (and if you find you are fatiguing too early, decrease the weight amount). Beginners should start the plan with five-pound weights, and for you more-experienced lifters, make this challenge work for you by grabbing a heavier set.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Say "Accio Abs" at the Gym With These Harry Potter Workout Shirts

Is Quidditch your favorite sport? Do you lift Harry Potter books more than weights? Perhaps you've been casting "Accio abs" to no avail? We have some shirts for you that are right up your (Diagon) alley.

Related: Disney Workout Shirts

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

GI UPDATE: Arnold Classic Africa Results & Lee Labrada Interview

Arnold Classic Africa Results

Another Arnold Classic has come and gone. This was a rematch of sorts for Roelly Winklaar agains the great Dexter Jackson from the previous week's New York Pro. Was he able to take the gold away from Dexter? Find out.

> Get Full Results HERE!


The legendary Lee Labrada weighs in on Kevin Levrone's comeback. Does he feel the same (and controversial) way Shawn Ray does? Or does he have a different take? Find out in our latest Iron Cinema interview.

> Watch it here!
Looking to get the ultimate shred? Then don't make these top 5 common mistakes that you are (probably) making.

> Watch it here!
Just in time for the hot weather - there's no better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than to get into the perfect bikini body shape (or if you are a guy - to watch this Brazilian bombshell showing off all here hard work).

> Watch it here!
Roelly Winklaar has been on a roll ever since he reappeared on the stage of the BodyPower expo a few weeks ago. Now you can watch his insane physique at his New York Pro routine right here.

> Watch it here!
Sometimes the best part about these compilation videos is trying to find out which one is going to end in a fail and which one is going to end with a bad ass fitness feat. Try to guess in our latest episode of NO FLEX ZONE.

> Watch it here!
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Food Focus: What You Need to Know About Fermented Foods

Food Focus: What You Need to Know About Fermented Foods

Link to Anytime Fitness Blog

Food Focus: What You Need to Know About Fermented Foods

Posted: 29 May 2016 06:00 AM PDT

fermented foods

Fermented foods are nothing new, but they're getting attention for good reason: The flavor and health benefits pack a punch! Here's a 101 to equip you.

The post Food Focus: What You Need to Know About Fermented Foods appeared first on Anytime Fitness Blog.

7 Minutes to Crop-Top Abs

We love Pilates. We love HIIT (that's high-intensity interval training). When Blogilates founder Cassey Ho put the two workouts together, she got an ab-centric PIIT workout. And it's awesome. You do each of the seven moves for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second break. Do the workout once, or repeat for a total of four times to make a killer 28-minute sweat session.

On Anna: Sweaty Betty tights

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Feel-Good, Feel-Strong Yoga

After a long day, you deserve 30 minutes all to yourself. We've enlisted yogi Mandy Ingber to help get you long and lean. Much like what you'll find in Mandy's Yogalosophy DVD this sequence is designed to calm the mind while toning the body.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Do These 3 Things to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Runs

High temps coupled with high humidity can make it pretty unbearable for your workouts. It's not only uncomfortable, but overheating could lead to cramping or even heatstroke. Here are some ways you can use the power of water to keep cool.

  • Wet head: Before heading out, take a quick cold shower to cool down your skin. Soak your hair, leave it dripping wet, and stick it in a tight bun. As you run, the wind will feel amazing on your cool head. If your hair is short, sport a wet bandana instead. Bring along a bottle of water and periodically pour some on your head to keep up the cooling effects.
  • Ice sock: Many athletes such as Olympic marathoner Deena Kastor wear an ice vest before competing. It lowers their body temperature, and in turn, it increases their endurance when exercising in the heat. You can get the same effects throughout your entire workout with an ice sock. Use an old piece of panty hose (because it's stretchy and lightweight) and fill it with ice cubes using a funnel until it's about six inches long. Knot the open end and stick it in your sports bra between your shoulder blades. No doubt, it'll feel shockingly cold at first, but once you start running and heating up, as the ice melts, it'll feel so good dripping down your back.
  • Frozen towel: Keeping your neck cool will also prevent heat exhaustion, and one way to do it is with a frozen towel. Soak a thin, lightweight hand towel, wring out the excess water, and lay it flat in your freezer for at least an hour. Right before you're ready to head out, wrap the towel around your neck and secure it with safety pins. Granted, it's not the most attractive accessory, but it sure will keep you cool.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Differences Between Working Out in Your 20s and Your 30s

When you hit the 30-year mark, it not only means more candles on your birthday cake than someone in their 20s, but it majorly affects your workouts as well. Give a little nod or chuckle (or shed a little tear) if you can relate to these.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Burn 200 Calories in 20 Minutes With This Quick Workout

If your schedule is feeling tight, don't skip your workout. We have made a quick calorie-burning workout just for you. In only 20 minutes, you can burn up to 200 calories. So grab a set of five-pound dumbbells if you have them, press play, and work it.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Experts Question Study Linking Cellphones, Cancer

Rodents exposed to phone radiation actually lived longer than unexposed animals, reviewers point out

Source: WebMD Health

Smoking During Pregnancy and Schizophrenia Risk

Scientists measured evidence of exposure in the womb and found an association, but not proof

Source: WebMD Health

Don't Take the Gym Too Seriously: Funny Workout Shirts to Lighten Up

Is it just us, or does everyone at the gym seem so serious sometimes? Lighten up a little with these sarcastic and funny workout tees and tanks, perfect for showing a little personality on the elliptical or in the studio. If anything, you'll definitely make someone smile by wearing one of these!

Related: Losing Weight Is Both Hard and Hilarious

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Build Muscle, Burn Calories: Do-Anywhere Cardio-and-Strength Combo

There are no excuses for skipping this 20-minute workout; it requires no equipment, so no matter where you are, you can fit in a sweat session. Quick and effective, today's workout in our Better-Body Challenge mixes classic cardio moves with bodyweight strength-training exercises to burn calories and build muscle. Print the workout, learn the moves below, and then get at it.

High Knees

  • Run in place while lifting your knees high to the level of your waist. Engage your abs as the knee comes up.
  • Pump your arms to warm up your upper body.

Lunge Skip

  • Come into a lunge with your right leg back. Swing your right leg forward to hop up on your left foot, and land softly back in a lunge.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

Lateral Bunny Hop

  • Make small jumps side to side as if you are jumping over an invisible line.
  • Keep your legs as close together as possible, and swing your arms to help you jump.

Pilates Scissors

  • Lie on your back, and lift your upper body off the floor so your shoulder blades hover.
  • Lift your right leg off the floor, and bring your left leg to 90 degrees, gently holding the left shin. Keep your upper body lifted as you switch or scissor your legs.

Jumping Jacks

  • Jump your legs out as you bring your hands overhead, then jump back to standing.
  • Add in some cross jacks to work your inner thighs. Open your arms out to the sides as you jump your legs wide. Cross your feet as you jump your legs together while crossing your arms in front of your chest.


  • Begin in a plank position. Jump your feet to the outside of your hands, coming into a deep squat and keeping your hands on the floor.
  • Jump your feet back to plank.

Lateral Bounding

  • Start in a shallow squat with your weight on your right foot, and leap sideways as far as you can go to the left, landing on your left foot and bringing the right foot to the left. Immediately reverse directions and jump to the right.
  • Continue jumping side to side.

Push-Up and Rotate

  • From a plank position, perform a push-up. At the top of the push-up, rotate to the left coming into a side plank, reaching the right arm to the ceiling.
  • Return to the plank position, do another push-up, and rotate into side plank on the right.

Box Toe Touches

  • Using a box, step, book, or stool, lightly tap your left toes to the box, then jump to switch feet, bringing the right toes up.
  • Continue alternating feet. No box? No worries. Hop from foot to foot, aiming toes at an imaginary step.

Triceps Dips

  • Place your hands on a step or floor with fingers facing you. Lift your pelvis off the ground.
  • Bend and straighten your elbows to work the backs of your arms.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

You Won't Believe How This Fit Mom Looks 2 Days After Giving Birth | Fitness Magazine

Blogger Diary of a Fit Mommy proves in these postpartum Instagrams that she is the ultimate #fitspiration when it comes to bouncing back—fast—after baby, and gives tips so you can do the same.

Source: Workout

The Best TRX Exercises For Weight Loss

The instability and suspension aspect of using a TRX is great for strength training and even yoga, but did you know you can also use it for heart-pumping, calorie-burning exercises to help you lose weight? Incorporate these cardio TRX moves into your next workout.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

It’s Mosquito Season: The 411 on Repellents

Insect Repellent

Mosquito repellents are safe, so you should use them. And there are more choices than ever. WebMD breaks down your options.

Source: WebMD Health

Exploring Zika's Path Through the Placenta

Researchers find the virus can replicate in immune cells

Source: WebMD Health

Officials: U.S. Superbug Resists All Antibiotics

Pennsylvania case suggests it's almost 'the end of the road' for these drugs

Source: WebMD Health

The Green Smoothie Barry's Bootcamp Trainer Derek DeGrazio Swears By | Fitness Magazine

The Barry's Bootcamp master trainer shares his healthy and delicious protein smoothie that aids recovery and sore muscles after a rough workout.

Source: Workout

Fewer Inhaled Steroids OK for Asthmatic Kids?

Study suggests some kids don't need daily dosing, but one expert worries the strategy might have risks

Source: WebMD Health

14 Thoughts You Have During Your First Dance Cardio Class | Fitness Magazine

Dance cardio classes are picking up steam more than ever, and for good reason. Here's 14 things everyone thinks during their first class.

Source: Workout

FDA Approves Implant to Battle Opioid Addiction

Experts say steady dosing eliminates need to take

Experts say steady dosing eliminates need to take medication daily to combat heroin, powerful painkillers

Source: WebMD Health

Partner Challenge: Lower Body Exercises

Sculpt strong legs with these explosive partner moves

[0:00:14] ... a little surprise for you. [MUSIC] We're gonna start with a partner workout, we're gonna hit a nice little Goal Post Plyo. So we're gonna lower it down, All we are going to do is ...

Source: Workout

Partner Challenge: Upper Body Exercises

Grab a friend and get ready to rock your (upper) body

Source: Workout

The 30-Day Partner Challenge

Keoni Hudoba, creator of the CYC Method and Vitafusion embassador, shares full-body moves to do with a friend

Source: Workout

Become a Better Runner

Ready to PR your next race?

[0:00:00] ... [MUSIC] Today's workout is called run hard. This is gonna be a combination of HIIT training while you're on your run and inclusive of using ...

Source: Workout

Healthy Living May Offset Breast Cancer Gene Risk

Behavior may matter even more when your DNA is working against you, research shows

Source: WebMD Health

The Ultimate Olympic Workout

Full-body exercises to sculpt a gold-metal body

[0:00:06] ... Spirit at Rio Olympics and at this summer I put together fun work out. Including. Ten different sports. As a sentinel and you. Age doesn't play like champions. And certainly not for different golf. Couple times. ...
[0:08:24] ... all ten sports. Not respond in the Olympics isn't finalized it didn't work out. We have fun thirty seconds tried it a couple of more sense that the GIS in. But the. ...

Source: Workout

Sculpt a Superhero Body

Sculpt strong muscles with these empowering exercises

Source: Workout

The Lose the Sweater Workout

These exercises blast calories and target your core for max results

[0:00:07] ... out of Winter is never easy. Here is a lose the sweater workout. We want to be able to take it off and feel great. So I have some really awesome ab workouts for you to do. And we're gonna combine it with a spike of our heart rate and we're gonna sprint in between ever [UNKNOWN] drill. So you have a couple options here. If you have access to a treadmill, I'm going to give you an option of doing an interval workout at the end of all these ab drills. If you don't have access to a treadmill, you're going to sprint for 20 seconds in between every single drill. If you do have access to the treadmill, here's what you're going to do. Six by 200s. That means it's a 30 second sprint with 60 seconds of recovery. So six times you're gonna spring for 30, recover for a minute. Then you'll come back down off the treadmill, repeat the workout one more time, and then go back up to the treadmill and do another set. Okay? Otherwise, you're gonna be sprinting in ...

Source: Workout

The Shake Shack Workout

Target every muscle in your body with this do-anywhere workout

[0:00:06] ... [MUSIC] Alright today's the shake shack workout. You love the burgers, you love the shakes, you love fries, but do you love the calories that come with it? Probably not. So I've cultivated a workout for you that is going to torch hundreds of calories, hopefully your entire meal. [MUSIC] In this one workout. The way we're gonna do that is by using a kettlebell and some dumbbells. And each drill that you're gonna do is ...
[0:05:25] ... rep you have two full minutes. You only have to go through workout once. Have fun, get in line and, what is it? Black and white milkshake? Definitely get one of those. ...

Source: Workout

The Fitness Model Workout

Smart supersets that sculpt in all the right places

[0:04:31] ... lock step on your right leg. So I was choked up overnight routine to my right after my chest he. Says sidelines. Russian twist. And come back the pretty pushed up notably through youth. And ...

Source: Workout

The Gigi Hadid-Inspired Workout

Yoga meets boxing in this badass workout

[0:00:00] ... [MUSIC] Hey ladies, today we have a workout inspired by one of the hottest girls out there right now. This is the Gigi Hadid workout. We know she loves to get down with yoga, and a little bit of ballet, but we also know she loves to kick **** with some boxing, so I've put together a workout for you that's collective of all of them. Those things. All you need is a mat and yourself. So let's get ready to work out. You're gonna do each drill between thirty and sixty seconds. I'll let you know at the end of each drill how long ...

Source: Workout

The 90s-Inspired Workout

These throwback exercises will leave you super sweaty—and nostalgic

[0:00:00] ... [MUSIC] Hey ladies, today I have a 90s Inspired Workout for you, all those favorite TV shows that we grew up with and those crazy trinkets and toys, we're gonna get down with a workout today and have a blast. So all you need is a towel and a mat, you're gonna be good to go. We're ...

Source: Workout

Holiday Metabolism Booster

Do this workout in the morning to burn calories continuously throughout the day

[0:00:00] ... [MUSIC] Hey guys, today is a holiday metabolism workout for you, for those times over the holidays when we eat a little bit too many calories and we need to wipe ...
[0:00:34] ... and then you're gonna repeat this four total times. So really quick workout, but I want you to bang through it with intensity, full range of motion, and really great quality form. I'm gonna use ...
[0:02:33] ... All right? This is a great finisher to the end of a workout. I want you to really Push yourself here, and work to increase your tempo, and condense that time that you're working for, ...

Source: Workout

How Often Should Your Pet See a Veterinarian?

vet with dog

Your four-legged friend needs wellness visits, too. Here's what to expect at each stage of life.

Source: WebMD Health