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GI Update: Jim Stoppani Talks The Real Deal With Natty Vs Steroids In Bodybuilding

Jim Stoppani Talks Natty Vs Steroids In Bodybuilding

One of the smartest bodybuilding enthusiasts, Dr. Jim Stoppani, talks about the realities of steroids and if natural competitors can ever match up.

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Gregg Valentino has more stories than he knows what to do with. That's why he's called the Ramblin' Freak. Now, you've all probably heard of Gold's Gym. Of course you have! It's the mecca of bodybuilding... but you haven't heard about this famed gym quite like this.

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Live like Arnold. Be like Arnold. Start your journey towards transforming into the Austrian Oak using his essential 5 principles of bodybuilding.

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Some people are so good at fitness and training that they make it look easy... then you see some epic fail videos that remind you how hard it actually is. This week we give you a bit of both.

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Want more inside stories from Gold's Gym? Forget about the Ramblin' Freak... Ric Drasin is one of the most respected men in the industry when it comes to age-old stories. And things get pretty wild.

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212 competitor Guy Cisternino talks about how the internet has changed the way bodybuilders not only train... but earn their way to champion status. It's a whole new world. Here's how.

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