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A Trick For Never Falling Over in Tree Pose

If random people on the street were asked to do the first yoga pose that came to mind, this balancing pose would definitely be in the top five. As basic and simple as it looks, Tree is definiely not easy to hold, since it challenges your sense of balance. But don't skip it just because you always fall over! This pose promotes good posture and opens your hips, and with a few tricks up your capris, you'll soon be able to effortlessly hold this while standing in line at the grocery store.

Sanskrit Name: Vrksasana
English Translation: Tree Pose

When doing this pose, it's important that you wear pants and not shorts, since the sole of your foot will end up sliding down your bare leg.

  • Stand with your feet together. Put all your weight into your left foot and lift your right foot off the ground.
  • Grab onto your right ankle with your right hand, flex your foot, and place your heel as far up your leg as possible with your toes pointing down. Place your foot wherever it feels comfortable. It's OK to rest it on the side of your knee if that's as high as your right foot will go.
  • To keep your right foot planted, actively press your left leg against the sole of your right foot, while simultaneously pressing the sole of your right foot against your left leg. These two opposing forces will help to prevent your right foot from slipping down. Another trick is to draw your right knee back, which also helps open your hip.
  • Press your palms together in front of your heart, and once you feel stable, you can raise your arms straight over your head. Gaze softly at a still point in front of you to help you stay balanced.
  • Keep your spine nice and long and tuck in your tailbone. Focus on keeping your belly still and breathing into your chest. Stay here for five or more breaths and then repeat on the other side.
  • Ready for a challenge? Try doing it with your eyes closed.

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Our 25 Favorite Workout Songs of the Year

The right pop music can make or break your workout. Whenever I have a fresh playlist loaded on my Spotify, it makes going to the gym or on a run a whole lot more fun. If you've been losing your motivation this month or are simply in need of a music refresh, we've got you covered with this mix that includes almost 90 minutes of our favorite workout music. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist, and check out our top 25 tunes of this year so far.

  1. "Can't Feel My Face" - The Weeknd
  2. "Trap Queen" - Fetty Wap
  3. "What Do You Mean?" - Justin Bieber
  4. "Peanut Butter Jelly" - Galantis
  5. "Lean On" - Major Lazer and DJ Snake
  6. "Hold My Hand" - Jess Glynne
  7. "Time of Our Lives" - Pitbull
  8. "7/11" - Beyoncé
  9. "Uptown Funk" - Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars
  10. "Blame" - Calvin Harris, featuring John Newman
  11. "Cheerleader (Remix)" - OMI
  12. "Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon
  13. "Want to Want Me" - Jason Derulo
  14. "Sugar" - Maroon 5
  15. "Bills" - LunchMoney Lewis
  16. "The Nights" - Avicii
  17. "On My Mind" - Ellie Goulding
  18. "Good Times Roll" - GRiZ and Big Gigantic
  19. "Roses" - The Chainsmokers
  20. "Cool For the Summer" - Demi Lovato
  21. "King" - Years & Years
  22. "Break Free" - Ariana Grande, featuring Zedd
  23. "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" - Silentó
  24. "Easy Love" - Sigala
  25. "The Wolf" - Mumford & Sons

If this mix isn't your style, then check out all our workout playlists here to find something that suits your needs and taste.

Remember: you will need to download the free Spotify software or the app to listen to our playlists.

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Can Weight Loss Treatments Help Binge Eaters?

Many people who binge eat are overweight or obese. Can weight loss surgery or medications treat obesity in binge eaters? Here’s what some doctors say.

Source: WebMD Health

After Concussion Symptoms Fade, Slowed Blood Flow in Brain May Persist

But preliminary study doesn't determine whether that is cause for concern, experts say

Source: WebMD Health

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast | Fitness Magazine

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these 10 tips will make losing weight feel more like a walk in the park than a jog on the treadmill.

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Stretches That Make For a Deep Sleep

I'm guilty of not stretching nearly as much as I should, but every time I do I'm reminded why it should be a daily part of my life. Stretching not only makes you more relaxed, but it helps keep your muscles flexible so you're less apt to experience discomfort or workout-related injuries.

You don't have to devote too much time to stretching; in fact, all you need are a few minutes before bed to make your body that much healthier. Besides increasing your muscles' strength and flexibility, these stretches will relax your body and help you get ready for quality sleep.

  • Almost anyone, from runners to office workers, can benefit from stretching out tight hips. Do a few of these hip-opening stretches before you go to bed to help you feel relaxed and help reduce discomfort.
  • If you haven't stretched and are ready to hit the hay, here are 10 yoga poses you can do in bed.
  • Don't feel like moving your body into One-Legged Half Wheel before you go to sleep? These simple bedtime stretches are easy to do and will help you get in a relaxing state of mind.
  • If you're a shower before bed kind of person, these stretches to do in the shower will help soothe tired muscles and prepare your body for sleep.

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Tone Your Butt Like a Professional Ballerina

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Weight Loss May Spare Knee Cartilage, Study Finds

Losing more than 10 percent of body weight was linked to slower degeneration of cushioning in joints

Source: WebMD Health

Teens More Cautious About Sex When Parents Set Rules, Study Finds

Kids tend to delay sex if Mom and Dad keep an eye on what they're doing, who they're with

Source: WebMD Health

Dogs May Ease a Child's Fears

Kids with pets in the home were less likely to test positive for anxiety than those without, study found

Source: WebMD Health

Sweat to Help Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Vigorous exercise, nutritious diet lower odds for deadly forms of the disease, research suggests

Source: WebMD Health

Too Much Sitting Hurts Heart Patients' Health

Exercise doesn't mitigate effects of sedentary lifestyle, study finds

Source: WebMD Health

Health Highlights: Nov. 25, 2015

Turing Won't Cut Price for Toxoplasmosis Drug

Source: WebMD Health

December 2015 Beginner Workout Calendar

December 2015 Beginner Workout Calendar

Link to Anytime Fitness Blog

December 2015 Beginner Workout Calendar

Posted: 30 Nov 2015 06:00 AM PST

December 2015 Calendar

Maintaining your weight and fitness level is a great goal for December, as you're having some holiday fun. Use this calendar as a guide to keep activity high!

The post December 2015 Beginner Workout Calendar appeared first on Anytime Fitness Blog.

Celery-Onion Blend Is Cause of E.Coli Outbreak Tied to Costco Chicken Salad: CDC

Agency says samples of the salad ingredient tested positive for the bacteria and product has been recalled

Source: WebMD Health

FDA Approves First Flu Shot With Added Ingredient to Boost Immune Response

Vaccine can be used in seniors, who are often hit hardest by illness

Source: WebMD Health

New Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes Shows Early Promise

Trial finds that immune-based therapy is safe; further trial on effectiveness is planned

Source: WebMD Health

7 Liquor Essentials Every Party Host Needs

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Cybro Monday Deals

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An Elliptical Workout That Feels Like Running

Sometimes, you head to the gym craving a treadmill run and arrive only to find all the machines full. Bummer! But remember: there are some creative ways to work around this situation. Instead of throwing in the towel and heading straight for the sauna, try this elliptical workout instead. To make this joint-friendly machine feel like running, don't hold the handles and pump like you do when you're running. Going hands-free on the elliptical is great for your core, and it might help you work on evening out your stride. We did throw in some reverse action at the end of the workout for your cooldown.

Time Resistance SPM
0:00-2:00 3 Warm up
2:00-5:00 5 Warm up
5:00-10:00 7 155-160
10:00-15:00 10 140
15:00-18:00 7 160
18:00-21:00 10 150
21:00-24:00 7 160
24:00-25:00 10 150
25:00-26:00 8 140
26:00-27:00 10 150
27:00-30:00 7 150
30:00-35:00 7-5 Backward

My elliptical is set at an incline of 20 degrees. Feel free to play around with the incline level, but keep it at least 10 degrees.

This is also a great cardio workout if your knees have been bothering you while running or you're coming off a hamstring strain.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

3 Workout Rules That Lead to Weight Loss

It can be frustrating to feel like you are logging hours in the gym without seeing the efforts manifest on your body. What gives? You may be doing it wrong, says fitness trainer and healthy chef Katy Clark, a former contestant on Food Network Star. She shared with us her top tips for ramping up your workouts to see results; check out her advice below.

  1. Reassess your workout: It's time to ask yourself - are you really working out to make a change? A good workout will leave you feeling one of three ways, Katy says. "You need to be sweating, you need to be breathing heavy, or you need to be sore the next day," she advises. "If you didn't hit any of those three, it wasn't a good workout."
  2. Be consistent: Find something you like so you'll stick with it, Katy says. "Anything you do consistently is going to bring about change," she says. "Challenge yourself, grab a friend, but nonetheless, just get out there." If you think you're too busy to fit in a workout, Katy says to think of it this way: "One hour of your day is just four percent of your day. Everyone's got four percent of their day to get a workout in."
  3. Use weights: Katy believes the best results come from weight training with weights heavy enough to fatigue muscles at 10 reps. "Whatever weight you're bearing - if you're doing five pounds, if you're doing 10 pounds - if you're not tired by [rep] number 10, then you need to go a little bit heavier. If you are consistently doing that, you're going to see changes in your strength and in your muscle mass." An added bonus? "It's empowering when you are in that weight room and you're the chick rocking it," Katy says.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

This Kettlebell Workout Will Burn a Ridiculous Amount of Calories

Get ready, because this five-move kettlebell workout will torch tons of calories. The workout, created by KettleWorx director of programming Laura Wilson, features basic kettlebell moves that should be in anyone's strength-training repertoire.

When learning these exercises, it's important to start with a light weight first - Laura recommends a five- or 10-pound kettlebell. You can increase the amount of repetitions as you become stronger, but first focus on your form and only increase the weight after you can do 20 reps of these moves correctly with a lighter weight. Once you've hit 20 reps, increase the weight but bring your repetitions back down to 10 until you've acclimated to the heavier weight. "It's about pacing yourself and listening to your body; it will tell you what's right," Laura says.

Repeat the following five-move circuit three times in order to work your entire body and keep your heart rate up. Click through to see Laura in action and learn how to do the workout!

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

30-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout - Just in Time For the Holiday

Our new Class FitSugar, created by Becky Jennings, founder of the Balance Method, is a killer 30-minute fat scorcher - and we mean that in the best way possible. It's a full-body workout to help you through the holidays - and beyond - by revving your metabolism and boosting your spirits. Grab a set of medium dumbbells, press play, and get ready to work it!

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This 7-Minute Workout Targets Belly Fat

Get the printable version of this seven-minute HIIT workout here!

When it comes to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the pros definitely outweigh the cons. While it may feel unpleasant to push your body to go faster and harder for that short time period, the rewards are worth it: HIIT helps you blast more belly fat, save time, and burn way more calories (even after your workout is long over) than a lower-intensity workout alone. A recent study published in the American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal found that a few minutes of training at almost your max can accomplish all of this in way less time than a traditional workout. How much less? Try just seven minutes total. The ACSM's interval workout consists of 12 exercises, which should be done at an intensity of eight on a scale of 10; each exercise lasts 30 seconds, with a 10-second rest in between. Repeat the circuit if you'd like a longer workout. Keeping the intensity up - and the rest periods short - is key, so keep reading to learn the moves and then get going! You'll need a mat and a chair or bench.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Add These to Your Workout to Save Time at the Gym

When you're pressed for time during the holidays, it's important to make the most of your time at the gym. Instead of feeling like you need to spend tons of precious time on a lengthy cardio session, these gym hacks will shave time off your workout and help you see results.

Add intervals: Maximize your cardio with intervals. Playing with the speed burns more calories than working at a steady pace and it also revs up your metabolism! In a study from the journal Cell Metabolism, researchers found that periods of intense cardio can fire up certain genes that initiate the fat-burning process and after-burn effect, which translates to more calories burned even after the workout is over. It doesn't get better than that. Here are some interval workouts to get you started.

Add intensity: If you tend to take a step back and not push yourself when working out solo, go for intense group classes. Most gyms offer quick and dirty 30- to 45-minute workouts that go intense, keep you on your toes, and burn tons of calories. If heading to the gym isn't an option, it's totally possible to kick your own butt at home. These 10 fast full-body workouts help you make it happen!

Add weights: Still think that lifting heavier weights only makes you bulk up? Guess again. According to trainer Tia Falcone, who helped Miss America lose over 50 pounds, weight training is the key to achieving the toned, strong look you're going for; she suggests aiming for four strength-training sessions per week. Save time with this mashup full-body circuit workout that keeps your heart rate elevated to burn calories while you build muscle with weights.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

Your Eye-Candy WOD: 15 Sexy CrossFitters

There's no denying it: CrossFit boxes are crawling with strong and handsome dudes. Whether you're a WOD enthusiast or someone who appreciates the work that goes into a rock-hard bod, you'll appreciate this sexy lineup - the six-packs and crazy feats of strength are staggering.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

The 1 Move You Need If You Want to Tone Your Butt

Don't you love those effective moves that only take a few reps to feel the burn? Add this one to your tool belt - all you need is a resistance band, and you'll instantly target your tush and outer thighs.

  • Hold on to either end of your resistance band, and place the center of the band around the sole of your left foot. Place your elbows and knees on the ground so your back is straight.
  • Hold the band firmly, draw your belly in, and extend your left leg straight behind you. Then draw your knee forward, but don't let it touch the ground.
  • Repeat for a total of three sets of 15 to 20 reps on each leg.

Related: 11 Exercises to Get Rid of a Flat Butt

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5 Have-an-Awesome- Morning Stretches

Instead of hitting the snooze button in the morning, take the extra 10 minutes to stretch. It's a great way to energize the morning and ease away any stress or tension from the previous day or a funky sleeping position. Try this easy stretching sequence when you wake up to get your blood flowing and your body primed for the day.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

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E-Cigarettes: Health and Safety Issues

WebMD discusses pros and cons of e-cigarettes and whether they're truly safe or not.

Source: WebMD Health

Pajamaste! Who Needs a Yoga Mat When You Can Do Yoga in Bed?

Stretching has a way of melting away stress and worry, but there's no need to unroll your yoga mat. Here are nine stretches you can do in your pajamas and your bed - either before you go to sleep or once your alarm goes off - or both! Do all nine if you have time, or just pick a few. Either way, you'll feel more relaxed, whether you're heading to the land of nod or waking with the sun.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

The Lazy Girl's Couch Workout - It's Only 10 Minutes!

Curling up on the couch for some Fall TV is perfect on a chilly night, but that doesn't mean it's couch-potato time. We designed this 10-minute workout specifically for your living room. To turn your couch and throw pillows into gym equipment, all you need to do is press play and get your sweat session started.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

The Best Exercises of All Time | Fitness Magazine

Master the best exercises of all time, and you'll never fall for a fad exercise ever again.

Source: Workout

9 Most Underrated Arm-Training Tips

Are your sleeves sagging around your arms? Boost the brawn and size of your biceps and triceps with these critical arm-day training tips!

If you take the ignorance-is-bliss approach to arm training, you'll probably never be tempted to educate yourself on ways to pump up your biceps and triceps size. You might wander around the gym forever with 14-inch guns, never realizing that with a little education and elbow grease, you could be sporting 16s, 17s, or even bigger pythons!

If that sounds good to you, it's time to kick ignorance to the curb and hit the books. Start by taking a closer look at these nine sorely underrated biceps and triceps tips. As you'll discover, knowledge is just as important as hard work when it comes to putting on quality muscle, so get started!


Give arms their own training day

One of the most popular ways to structure your training split is to pair a larger and smaller body part into push or pull days. It's common to train back and biceps or chest and triceps together, and for many lifters, that works just fine. Over time, however, many people find that the second muscle group worked—arms, in both examples—doesn't get as much training emphasis as the first.

One remedy is to do an arms-only workout on a dedicated arm-training day. With no heavy bench presses or rows done beforehand to sap your strength, you'll be able to approach these workouts with a full tank, and undoubtedly you'll be able to push much harder. Because you'll be able to move heavier weights, you'll get an enhanced growth stimulus.

To ensure full recovery, I suggest you leave at least a day before and after your arm workouts when scheduling your back, chest, or shoulders, to ensure some of the muscles don't get trained on consecutive days. Arranging your body-part split is a little trickier, but you'll benefit from the long-term payoff.


Go heavy to start your arm workout

I make this point frequently, but it's an important one: Start your arm workout with exercises you can load up with the most weight. After your warm-ups, that means you shouldn't go right to dumbbell curls or triceps push-downs when you can double or even triple the load on close-grip bench presses or dip machines.

With biceps, preacher curls and concentration curls are lousy places to start when you can push significantly heavier loads on standing EZ-bar or barbell curls. The exercise you choose to do first in your arm workout has a significant impact on your ultimate results, so give some thought to where you want to begin your training.

Once you've got the right exercise in the lead position in your routine, don't waste the opportunity by choosing a weight that's too light. If you're building mass, don't be afraid to push yourself with a load that you can complete for only 6-8 reps. You'll get a better muscle-building and strength stimulus here than if you choose a weight you could do for high reps chasing a pump.


Think "angles" when it comes to biceps training

The elbows-by-your-sides shoulder-width grip should be your starting place when it comes to curling exercises. But like the basic bench press or row, there are plenty of variations to explore that can increase overall arm development.

The elbows-by-your-sides shoulder-width grip should be your starting place when it comes to curling exercises.

When your arms are in front of the plane of your torso, as when doing preacher curls, the biceps long head can't fully stretch, so the focus shifts to the short head. Similarly, when your arms are behind the plane of your body, as when doing incline-bench dumbbell curls, the long head is fully stretched and can contract more strongly, making it the focus of the movement.

You can also shift the emphasis by changing where you place your hands when doing barbell curls. The biceps long head is located outside the short head, so using a grip inside shoulder width when doing barbell curls targets it more effectively. Taking a grip outside shoulder width, on the other hand, focuses primarily on the short head.


Go overhead to target your triceps long head

Every body part has a trick or two you need to learn for advanced development, and one of the more important ones for building horseshoe triceps is to take your training overhead. That's because the bulky long head attaches above the shoulder joint, meaning it's only fully stretched when your arms are in the overhead position. Only when a muscle is fully stretched can it contract most strongly. With your elbows by your sides, your lateral head takes on a greater portion of the load.

Arm positions in which your arms are perpendicular to your body—like when doing skullcrushers—engage the long head to a degree. As your arms move more overhead, as when doing skullcrushers on an incline bench, you'll get even greater long-head activation.

Any triceps movement in which your arms are overhead works here. Overhead barbell, dumbbell, or cable extensions focus on the long head, and there are even some machines that can do the trick. Of note, arm positions in which your arms are perpendicular to your body—like when doing skullcrushers—engage the long head to a degree. As your arms move more overhead, as when doing skullcrushers on an incline bench, you'll get even greater long-head activation.


Mix up your grip for max growth

A curl is as simple as contracting the biceps to raise a weight using an underhand grip. While that's certainly one way to build your arms, in no way is it a complete one. That's because the arm flexors consist of more than the biceps brachii, a two-headed muscle. The brachialis lies underneath, and boosting its size will also help increase overall arm size.

Working the brachialis means doing hammer curls in which your palms are in what's called a neutral position and your hands face each other. Hammers can be done with a rope attached to the lower cable or holding dumbbells.

The brachioradialis, which provides thickness to the thumb side of the upper forearm, also contributes when doing hammer curls. It's targeted when using an overhand grip during a reverse curl.

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Don't flare your elbows

Nothing seems simpler than extending your elbows to target the triceps. There is, however, one hiccup that can occur along the way: allowing your elbows to flare out. Whether you're doing push-downs, overhead extensions, dips, close-grip benches, or skullcrushers, keep your elbows in tight to place the emphasis on the triceps.

That can be hard to do—especially for bigger guys—because your elbows naturally want to flare out. When your elbows flare, the chest and shoulders can join in, reducing the effectiveness of the movement. For better isolation of the triceps, keep those elbows in tight.


Don't rep as high as you can with biceps movements

Without question, the single-most common error trainees make when doing biceps is raising the weight as high as possible in an effort to go through the full range of motion. While I'm all for full-ROM training, curling the weight too high in this case is often done with an assist from the front delts.

Here's why: With your elbows pinned by your sides, curling the weight strictly allows you to bring the weight to about shoulder height. But years of bad habits are hard to break, and for many lifters, those habits mean they push the elbows forward to raise the weight even higher.

When your elbows come forward, your single-joint movement now turns into a multijoint one that also involves the front delts. Not only does that bring in another muscle group, it now allows for a resting spot at the top of the rep as your hand is now stacked over your elbow—meaning tension on the biceps is highly reduced.

For better isolation, keep your single-joint biceps exercises just that. Be aware of the tendency to pull your elbows forward as you raise the weight. Keep 'em pinned back by your sides for the duration of the movement.


It's not all about the pump

There's a powerful and popular belief that to be successful on arm day, you've got to get a (insert adjective here: wicked, monster, incredible) muscle pump. The trouble is, the "pump" is best achieved through high-rep training in which blood is flushed into the target muscle, pushing the boundaries of the muscle fascia as it swells.

Yes, that's one mechanism for muscle growth, which goes by the name of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. In my opinion, though, it's best saved for the end of your workout, with your heavy training out of the way.

Heavy training elicits what's called myofibrillar hypertrophy, in which the actual structures of the muscle fibers are damaged. Lighter training pushes fluids into the cell but doesn't necessarily cause fundamental damage to the cell structures.

Which begs the question: Why not go for both? If you do your heavy work at the beginning of your training session and work for the pump toward the end, you can. Bottom line: Save the wicked pump for the end of your workout.


Increase your arm-training frequency

Larger muscle groups like legs require demanding workouts that take many days to recover from, so they're trained just once a week. Smaller muscle groups, not so much. That's one reason many lifters do body parts like calves and abs up to three times a week. As for the biceps and triceps, they're the Goldilocks of muscle groups: somewhere in between.

If you've got the energy, time, and ambition, adding a second round of arm training that's done over the course of your training split is easy to do so long as you plan it right.

If you've got the energy, time, and ambition, adding a second round of arm training that's done over the course of your training split is easy to do so long as you plan it right. Here's one I followed a few years back (excludes abs and calves):

  • Day 1: Chest, triceps
  • Day 2: Back, biceps
  • Day 3: Shoulders
  • Day 4: Legs
  • Day 5: Biceps, triceps
  • Days 6-7: Rest

If you do train arms twice, I like the idea of making the first one of the week very different from the second, both in exercise selection and approach. One might be heavier than the other, focus on weaknesses, employ more single-arm (unilateral) exercises, or use different intensity boosters like forced reps, dropsets, blood-flow restriction, or eccentric-focused training.

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A 5-Minute Do-Anywhere Butt Workout

A shapely backside is never out of style, no matter the season. This five-minute workout features squats and lunges that target all areas of your butt to sculpt envious glutes in no time.

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness