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Total-Body Blaster for Greater Balance and Fat Burning

Total-Body Blaster

What It Is

A circuit composed of side lunges, pullups, hand walkouts, and sprints, designed by L.A.-based celebrity trainer Andy McDermott. After a five- to 10-minute warmup, set a timer for 10 minutes. Start the circuit at a brisk but sustainable pace and don’t stop until the 10 minutes are up.

Why It Works

Alternating hemispheres of the body jacks up your heart rate, but the real key is the use of uncommon moves like side lunges and hand walkouts. Side lunges stimulate fibers in the adductors and abductors that don’t get much attention during most leg lifts. Hand walkouts uniquely stimulate the core, shoulders, and arms.

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To Perform the Side Lunge: Take long steps to either side, letting the trail leg stretch out straight. Push through the heel of the bent leg to return to the start.

DIRECTIONS FOR WORKOUT: Set a timer for 10 minutes and do the following exercises as a circuit without resting.

ANDY MCDERMOTT is a fitness coach in Hollywood. For free training advice, follow him on Facebook: AndyMcDermottFitness, Instagram: @andymcdermottfitness, and Twitter: @andymcd23

source: Muscle & Fitness