Max Mindset: Affirmations vs. Questions

Motivational coach Tom Terwilliger shares his tips to help you achieve your training goals.


Tom Terwilliger is the 1986 NPC Nationals Light-heavyweight class winner and a former IFBB pro bodybuilder. Today, he's a leading authority on the science of achievement and has coached thousands of people seeking to reach their ultimate potential.

In this video, Tom stresses the power of believing in yourself during your journey towards a stronger and healthier physique. For more about Tom be sure to log on to

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The Rock’s Puppy Dies After Tragic Accident

30 Days Of Booty-Blasting Moves

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'Placebo Effect' Might Help Predict Response to Depression Treatment

Those who improved with fake drug benefited from

Those who improved with fake drug benefited from antidepressants, study found

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Herbal Remedies for Overactive Bladder

Can herbal remedies help ease overactive bladder symptoms? WebMD asked experts for their take on OAB and herbal treatments.

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The 10 Most Attractive Body Parts in a Man, as Ranked By Women

10 Pictures That Prove Gigi Hadid Is Perfect the Way She Is

The A's Hire FIrst Female Coach In The MLB

The A's Hire FIrst Female Coach In The MLB

The Oakland Athletics announced on Tuesday that they hired the first female coach in the MLB, Justine Siegal. The 40-year-old has been hired as a two-week guest instructor for the A's International League Club to help player development staff both on and off the field.

Siegal has completed MLB's scout school, held batting practice for six teams, which included the A's in 2011. The A's general manager, Billy Beane was the first GM to sign her for batting practice sessions. According to, Siegal has maintained a relationship with Beane, letting him know that she would like to break out into the pro-baseball world. 

She is ecstatic about the opportunity, and is quoted in the article, saying, "I'm going to focus on being the best coach I can for those two weeks."  Siegal will work with the Oakland A's until October 17. The A's assistant manager, David Forst, says Siegal is "more than qualified, no matter what gender." In the release, he goes on to say Siegal "brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise from years of playing, coaching, and teaching the game, and all of our young players stand to benefit greatly from her time in camp."

In 2009, Siegal was the first female coach for a men's minor league team, coaching the Brockton Rox, an independent team. As of right now, she heads Baseball For All, a national nonprofit organization that promotes girls in baseball. Siegal also holds a PhD. in sport and exercise psychology from Springfield College in Massachusetts. While at Springfield, she was an assistant baseball coach from 2008-2010. 

Siegal would love to coach full-time, but this is a great starting point!

She is making history along with other female coaches, like Becky Hammon who was a full-time assistant coach for the NBA's San Antonio Spurs, and Jen Welter, who was an assistant coaching intern for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals. 

Check out the social support from Jen Welter on Twitter:

Keep up the great work, ladies!

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Fit Fix: Tesla Unveils Model X, Ralph Lauren Steps Down, and Gigi Hadid Fires Back at Haters

The Supp That Can Amp Muscle Stamina

Ask Men's Fitness: "How should my face shape and hair influence which glasses I pick?"

Make Yourself Robo-Rich

More Than 670 Illnesses Reported in Latest Salmonella Outbreak

Researchers say findings point to need to keep

Three deaths have also been linked to tainted cucumbers, CDC officials report

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Kids May Be More Likely to Get Asthma if Grandma Smoked While Pregnant: Study

Experts list key topics to discuss for optimum

Risk is heightened even if child's mother didn't smoke, research suggests

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Less Sleep May Mean Less Sex After Menopause

Researchers say type 2 disease with depression

Women who reported insomnia were less sexually active, study finds

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More Than 670 Illnesses Reported in Latest Salmonella Outbreak

Researchers say findings point to need to keep

Three deaths have also been linked to tainted cucumbers, CDC officials report

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CT Fletcher's 'Magnificent Obsession' Offers Intense Inspiration


A former world champion powerlifter who won titles in the bench press and strict curl, CT Fletcher knows what it takes to get big and strong. Unfortunately, in his younger years, this meant eating a fast food diet to bulk up, which may have contributed to having emergency open-heart surgery in 2005. Now, at age 56, the YouTube sensation and gym owner is the star of a documentary that details his upbringing, health complications, rise to fame and of course includes hardcore new and old training footage. M&F is no stranger to CT; he’s been featured on our “Over 40” page, yet the film shows us CT’s story in a way that can motivate anyone to hit the gym.

Get Addicted

My Magnificent Obsession validates the fact that CT is an international fitness phenomenon. The movie features former professional wrestlers “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg, the latter of which had some kind words to say about Fletcher in a M&F interview earlier this year.

“I stopped training after I tore my bicep and my deltoid in the ring doing muay thai and I was looking at YouTube and this video popped up of this guy CT Fletcher, I had never heard of him,” Goldberg says. “I watched a video and then picked up the phone and got a hold of him. He got my ass back in the gym and he and I since have become very good friends.”

The film’s story eventually centers on the grand opening of Iron Addicts Gym in Signal Hill, California, which Goldberg mentioned he would be attending in our interview. M&F has visited another Iron Addicts Gym, the one in Las Vegas, NV. That gym had paintings of Fletcher pointing at you to “grow” that enclosed deadlift platforms, monolifts, tractor tries, bands, chains, and more of the gear required to get super strong. My Magnificent Obsession highlights just how important opening a gym can be to a person; Fletcher invested every cent into the original Iron Addicts.

It’s hard to imagine how My Magnificent Obsession won’t invoke any emotional response from the viewer since the backstory of Fletcher’s family life and upbringing is so descriptive. If you already enjoy Fletcher’s YouTube videos, you’re going to really like the rawness of this film. But beware of showing the movie to kids, Fletcher curses seemingly in every sentence.

More Than a Hobby

M&F Supplement Picks: 40 Caliber

Overall, My Magnificent Obsession gives people who simply enjoy lifting weights hope that their “hobby” will yield real benefits in the long run. Even at rock bottom, Fletcher still stuck to weightlifting as a source to revive his life and it worked. Fletcher’s message is that obsession can be a good thing, if you’re enamored with pumping iron.

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Added Calcium May Not Help Older Bones: Studies

Large French study did not show similar risk for

Researchers find no evidence that boosting intake will prevent fractures

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October 2015 Workout Calendar

October 2015 Workout Calendar

Link to Anytime Fitness Blog

October 2015 Workout Calendar

Posted: 30 Sep 2015 06:00 AM PDT

October Workout Calendar

Habits and routine can be very helpful. Look ahead to October and establish a plan and workout calendar to ensure your health is a priority!

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Tanji Johnson Poses With Hers Magazine At Arnold Classic Europe

September/October Hers' cover model, Tanji Johnson, recently competed at the Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, Spain. She placed fourth for the fitness category.

Check out our cover model posing with the current Hers magazine!

Tanji Johnson Poses with Hers at Arnold Classic Europ

For more information of the Arnold Classic Europe, go to



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7 Next-Level Tips for Sharp, Defined Abs

Ask Men's Fitness: "I’m planning on taking a girl to a bar, and I really want to impress her with my pool skills. Do you have some basic tips?"

True Muscle Trainer: Phase 3, Day 46

Stacking exercises and limited rest has likely left you yearning for a full day of recovery. Today's the day to recharge.

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True Muscle Trainer: Phase 3, Day 45

Get back into the gym today prepared to push out another killer total-body workout.

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3 Diet Strategies To Get You Ripped Like A Freak

There are many fat-loss methods being touted these days, but not all are created equal. PharmaFreak's Alex Savva is here to break down three science-backed techniques.

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The 'Total Divas' Season 4 Finale is Tonight

Bella Twins

As entertaining as they are in the ring, these fit and gorgeous girls are just as fun to watch outside the squared circle. In tonight's memorable season 4 finale, sparks fly as Nikki’s ex-boyfriend, WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, turns up the heat, Nattie faces career-ending news for both her and TJ, and Paige debates telling her fiancĂ© her true feelings. It's a jaw-dropping finale fans won't want to miss.

Total Divas gives an exclusive, outside-the-ring look at WWE’s top Divas. The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie Bella), Natalya (Nattie), Eva Marie, Paige and Naomi (Trinity) heat up the summer as the ladies give viewers an inside glimpse at their life in the spotlight, with the drama of their personal lives and the non-stop action of their professional careers.

Check out this sneak peek of tonight’s must-see episode:

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Eat for Better Abs

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