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AUGUST workout plan of attack!

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A bright shiny, new month :)

Another chance to crush those fitness and health goals.

Hi friends! Happy almost-August! I hope you're enjoying your summer. I feel like during this time of year, I always need an extra kick of motivation. The hot weather can hinder outdoor workouts, and grill parties and pool days sound better than anything. By changing up my routine or trying something new, it's usually just the push I need to add some excitement to the mix and have a strong start into the fall season. Since I'm growing a beeb in my belly right now, I'm focusing on staying consistent, eating as well as possible, and getting in movement when I can. 

I put together an August workout calendar if you're looking for some inspiration or something different in your fitness mix. Keep in mind that you should always check with a doc before making any fitness changes. Feel free to shuffle the workouts or modify as you need to, and if you ever need help moving things around to suit your schedule, let me know! That's what I'm here for. :) 

August Fitness Calendar:

1: HIIT and Total body

2: 30 minutes moderate steady state + ab burner

3: Barre x 3 + 15 min easy cardio of choice

4: OFF or gentle (yoga class, a relaxing stretch or foam rolling session)

5: HIIT and upper body

6: Steady state (20 minutes moderate) and lower body

7: Long steady state (45 minutes, moderate)

8: OFF or gentle

9: Total body circuit + HIIT

10: Easy steady state (30 minutes) + ab burner

11: Upper body (no cardio)

12: Lower body HIIT (1 minute hard, 1 minute easy for 18 minutes; warm up and cool down appropriately)

13: OFF or gentle

14: Upper body + steady state (20 minutes, moderate)

15: Lower body + hills (crank up the incline!)

16: Long cardio workout

17: OFF or gentle

18: Total body circuit 

19: HIIT and steady

20: Easy steady state 30 minutes

21: Upper body + ab burner

22: Lower body

23: OFF or gentle

24: Total body + HIIT

25: Long steady state (45 minutes or take a class you love)

26: Upper body HIIT 

27: Lower body + 15 min steady

28: OFF or gentle

29: Total body circuit

30: Long steady state + ab burner


Some meal ideas for my friends who are planning and prepping this weekend!





Sending lots of love to you!
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